Summer caps

I’m a kind of an addict me. Caps and Hats really do get my attention. And although I haven’t bought one recently, they do appeal to me. I have plenty!

I just wanted to show how I go about my business this summer and all year round really. I love wearing them, but some I find more suitable for the summer than other. They are more fit for the summer and they agree with the clothing style I’m going with the summer to come.

As you can see they are mostly Baseball caps, well only one is a real baseball cap, but the form and the fit is baseball-ish. The one in the middle is a 5-panel cap. Not really the nicest fit on me, but they sure are comfy! They are all snapbacks except the first one on the left.

I don’t wearing a cap is somewhat different from the accepted. Loads of people don’t find it remotely appropriate for my age etcetera. But I just love to wear them, gives me good vibes. It helps with feeling me, it’s sort of a part of my identity.

So which you one do you like the most?


What music do I listen to? Playlist time!

As described before, Music is a big part of my daily routine as it were. If I’m on my own and not watching TV or anything, I listen to music. It’s rather diverse , music taste that is. But sometimes you just feel a sort of compelling feeling towards an emotion or the weather or something like that. So did I this very morning.

I have a craving for the sun and the summer, I just want to feel the sun and the warmth of it. Just relax with a nice iced tea and some mellow summer jams on the speaker. I can recreate all those thing, but I certainly can listen to the music. Get myself ready for the coming summer. So I made a little playlist.



What to watch?!

I’m back from work and I’m absolutely KNACKERED. That’s my mood basically.

I planned several things for tonight, but in the state I’m in at the moment nothing will get done. Honestly, I’m all for hard work, but I know when I an hopeless case and that’s exactly what I’m now. So I thought, let me treat myself to a little night of series. A few episodes. Well a few, a little binge watching evening is more like it.

I want to watch something new, something British. Why? Because I want to see something intellectual and more down to earth. Less ‘American’ basically, so yeah. Sure I watch a lot of different tv series, but I just want to start something new. Something completely out of the usual.

I picked 3 series I possibly want to watch: The Night manager, The Fall and Luther.

The Night Manager has just ended and according to my twitter feed, it is a must watch. An action thriller and everyone I know from the British Isles said I have to watch it. The cast alone is reason enough for me: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander, Olivia Colman… My word!

The Fall is highly recommended by not only the people I share a tv passion with, also IMDB rates this as one of the top British series. After seeing the trailer I was excited as hell. Very slow acting, slow acting is a quality not many people have and the actors in this serie do it very well. + Belfast, Northern Ireland is always good.

I want to start Luther again. Again you say? Yes, I started it but didn’t finish it because.. I dunno. I have no particular (good) reason, but I was into it from the start. Maybe give it a fresh start, all in. (nice poker reference ey, I don’t even play poker).

So what to pick, I have absolutely no clue. Maybe I will just watch an episode of each and then make up my mind. Anyway, have a lovely evening.

(At the end of writing this, I’m not tired anymore and slightly motivated to do some schoolstuff. Cruel world)


Spring is upon us!

Yesterday morning it was Easter Sunday and before all the food did commence, I had to kill the time so to speak. So I had the idea to go outside, but I wasn’t certain of what to do. Sometimes I have this urge when I wake up early. I don’t know where it comes from. God? Instinct? Voices? I have absolutely no idea. Then there was the question, what in earth was I going to do to feed that urge? Have a walk? A run? Or perhaps skateboard a little?

The last thing sounded great, so I took out my pennyboard and I was out for about 20 minutes. Just getting the feeling and rolling on a piece of fine smooth road. No resistance to the wheels, no people on the way or in your way. Just me, my skateboard and Catching Flies flowing into my ears. What a way to start the Easter Sunday.

And a little extra; I got some exercise done on this Easter weekend, which is also a plus. *insert thumbs up emoticon*


Outfit of the Day, Easter style

Easter is also the time to dress up, or something like in that fashion. So here is my trendy ‘ahum’ outfit of the day.

White shirt from C&A.
Jeans by Levi’s, extra tapered fit
Shoes by Asics, Gel Lyte III
Belt by Chasin’
Watch by Pulsar, quartz chronograph