The DMA’s

Once in a while I just have this great need of finding new music. Sure I do know loads of artists and groups, all with different styles and genres. But sometimes I just sit on the couch and think: I want to find new music and experience the novelty of it. Well that’s is exactly what I did.

Usually I don’t find something very mindblowing. The music is more or less the same or just a light version of something that is really good. Which results in me listening to the real good music in stead of the newly found music performers.

But this time it’s different. I read an article in a British paper about this new band. They were giving britpop a second life and they were australian! Well that got me interested, especially when I saw pictures and listened to songs. It’s Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. I never heard something like it, but I was sold right away. Proper fellas. You know they got that street style, but dress all nicely. Smart fuckers. No dogmatic bullshit, no fashion conscious pricks, just doing what they feel like and I love them for it.

Oh yeah, I booked a concert in May seeing them. Awesomeness


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