Hero of the Week: Brian Clough

For those people who don’t know me: I’m a bit obsessed with football really. I think it’s unhealthy but I don’t actually care. Not all my heroes are football related, far from. But I watched a documentary on Nottingham Forest the other day and I found it rather illuminating. 
The person that Brian Clough was is perhaps the most interesting thing about that documentary. He is portrayed as a very eccentric human being and not afraid of telling people what he thinks and why. That is a major quality and I think people should do more of what makes them happy. And less of what people expect them to do, but doesn’t make you feel right. You catch my drift?
He was dumped after just 44 days at Leeds United and after that no one really believed he could manage a good side anymore. He was sat at tv shows and talkshows, but a coaching job didn’t come easily. Until Nottingham arrived and he became manager of a second division team. He did the impossible, he led them to promotion, first division championship and two Europacup 1 victories. And people doubted his abilities, but he said no. He just believed in his one abilities and those of his staff and players. And that is truly what makes him a hero for me.

                       “Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I wasn’t on that particular job.”


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