Monday Motivations!

Another monday, another and another opportunities!
It’s very important for me to make plans, plans what to with the rest of the week. I’m that type of person that craves structure, but doesn’t like it. Does that make sense haha?

It’s not my nature to be structural, but I do now that this makes me more or less.. What’s the word, more happy I guess! For example, I woke up this morning (Far too early in my opinion, but others were already awake) and I just thought for a few minutes: “What is it that will make my day, what give my day purpose and if this day ends what must I do to give me a good feeling”

My plan for today:

1. Decent Breakfast and Tea, because this gives me life.
2. Have a Run
3. Sort out my blogger account and make it ready to go
4. Watch the latest Viking Episode
5. Schoolwork for about 2,3 hours
6. Matchday, going to VVV-Venlo stadium.

Well I had breakfast and did the run (which didn’t go well, but an improvement from the last time). What I find easy to do is make lists. Not only on your laptop, but on the phone it’s so much easier and will remind you more (definitely a must have!). I use checklist on my iPhone (

So this is my start of the day. I also tend to have an everyday theme:

Monday Motivations
Tuesday Person/group
Wednesday Music
Throwback Thursday
Friday Football
Saturday Instagram of the week
Sunday Fashion

Yeah. Only I have to be consistent haha. Anyway, have a great day šŸ™‚



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