Pray for the world.

All my prayers go out to the people who suffered the attacks on Brussels and anyone who has been affected by these brutalities. But my prayers also go out to the victims of the attacks in Ankara and anywhere else in the world where there have been attacks. I don’t think that one event is more important than another event, but I’m more aware of more affected by the attacks in Belgium for several reasons. It’s close to my home, what makes it more ‘alive’. And further more it affects me more because of a few friends who live in the Brussels area.

I know that a few people have criticized me for saying pray for belgium, while the religion is exactly why we have these attacks. First I want to say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If your religious or not, that is your own decision, but if you understand religion. How it works, than you know these things are not the work of devout people. These are the works of evil people who misuse a religion to their own advantage. Remember that too.

It’s a fascinating thing to see how people react to these tragic events. IT’s fairly interesting and saddening too. I just hope people don’t have less hope, because hope en faith are the two things that make us capable of outgrowing these terrible events.



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