Spring is upon us!

Yesterday morning it was Easter Sunday and before all the food did commence, I had to kill the time so to speak. So I had the idea to go outside, but I wasn’t certain of what to do. Sometimes I have this urge when I wake up early. I don’t know where it comes from. God? Instinct? Voices? I have absolutely no idea. Then there was the question, what in earth was I going to do to feed that urge? Have a walk? A run? Or perhaps skateboard a little?

The last thing sounded great, so I took out my pennyboard and I was out for about 20 minutes. Just getting the feeling and rolling on a piece of fine smooth road. No resistance to the wheels, no people on the way or in your way. Just me, my skateboard and Catching Flies flowing into my ears. What a way to start the Easter Sunday.

And a little extra; I got some exercise done on this Easter weekend, which is also a plus. *insert thumbs up emoticon*


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