St Germain, no not Paris.

Music is a great part of my life. I love music and I seriously think I couldn’t live without. Period. Even at this moment I’m enjoying some tea with music in the background.
Sometimes I have these periods, periods wherein I listen to a specific genre or artist. Well to be perfectly honest, that is not the case at the moment hahaha.

I consider myself as an anti-electric music lover, but I have to correct myself. I just don’t like techno or house music or such things. However I do appreciate electric music when the artist lay their soul in it. If I know the artist has put his whole soul and being in there, I know it can be good. It’s pure, honest and raw. Love it.

St. Germain is a perfect example of what I mean by that. Just love it. Smooth. Chilled. Relaxed music. Perfect for an evening such as this one.

Have a good one!


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