Summer caps

I’m a kind of an addict me. Caps and Hats really do get my attention. And although I haven’t bought one recently, they do appeal to me. I have plenty!

I just wanted to show how I go about my business this summer and all year round really. I love wearing them, but some I find more suitable for the summer than other. They are more fit for the summer and they agree with the clothing style I’m going with the summer to come.

As you can see they are mostly Baseball caps, well only one is a real baseball cap, but the form and the fit is baseball-ish. The one in the middle is a 5-panel cap. Not really the nicest fit on me, but they sure are comfy! They are all snapbacks except the first one on the left.

I don’t wearing a cap is somewhat different from the accepted. Loads of people don’t find it remotely appropriate for my age etcetera. But I just love to wear them, gives me good vibes. It helps with feeling me, it’s sort of a part of my identity.

So which you one do you like the most?


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