What to watch?!

I’m back from work and I’m absolutely KNACKERED. That’s my mood basically.

I planned several things for tonight, but in the state I’m in at the moment nothing will get done. Honestly, I’m all for hard work, but I know when I an hopeless case and that’s exactly what I’m now. So I thought, let me treat myself to a little night of series. A few episodes. Well a few, a little binge watching evening is more like it.

I want to watch something new, something British. Why? Because I want to see something intellectual and more down to earth. Less ‘American’ basically, so yeah. Sure I watch a lot of different tv series, but I just want to start something new. Something completely out of the usual.

I picked 3 series I possibly want to watch: The Night manager, The Fall and Luther.

The Night Manager has just ended and according to my twitter feed, it is a must watch. An action thriller and everyone I know from the British Isles said I have to watch it. The cast alone is reason enough for me: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander, Olivia Colman… My word!

The Fall is highly recommended by not only the people I share a tv passion with, also IMDB rates this as one of the top British series. After seeing the trailer I was excited as hell. Very slow acting, slow acting is a quality not many people have and the actors in this serie do it very well. + Belfast, Northern Ireland is always good.

I want to start Luther again. Again you say? Yes, I started it but didn’t finish it because.. I dunno. I have no particular (good) reason, but I was into it from the start. Maybe give it a fresh start, all in. (nice poker reference ey, I don’t even play poker).

So what to pick, I have absolutely no clue. Maybe I will just watch an episode of each and then make up my mind. Anyway, have a lovely evening.

(At the end of writing this, I’m not tired anymore and slightly motivated to do some schoolstuff. Cruel world)


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