Beans on toast!

 It’s weekend lads and lassies! I feel so good and I like it haha. Well I’ve been sitting working on schoolstuff and my book since 8.00 AM today. In the weekend?? Yes in the weekend. For some reason I feel crazy motivated and productive this Saturday and I intend to make the most of it.

I usually have little problem when I’m on this production high: FOOD. Food is never the problem it’s solution. But when I’m working on stuff or I’m just in the proces of trying to do thing before a certain deadline, I forget to eat. And that’s bad, but my mind isn’t set on eating at the moment (not entirely bad in my case I think), I don’t really have the time to think about food so to speak.

BUT when I do have a little % of non-productive stuff thinking free, then the hunger kicks in. It becomes CHAOS. ANARCHY. GODZILLA HANGRY MODUS. My mind becomes occupied and the only thing I seem to think is: FOOD. I’m so obsessed with the food and eating it, I can’t make up my mind properly and all those different options race through my mind. It’s is indeed total anarchy. Full english? Toast? Pancakes? Cereal? Eggs? Crackers?

Well I made the executive decision to make something people call Beans on Toast and may I tell you what a gift from god this dish is. It’s absolutely a lifesaver at the moment. Love it. I think I will propose to it one day. I can’t push it any further, I’m going to eat me some food.


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