Jeremy Loops Concert


“Yesterday could already be my favourite day of 2016, it’s the day I had been waiting for. It was the day I saw one of the purest and most honest acts: Jeremy Loops! I visited the concert in the Melkweg, Amsterdam and that venue is absolutely crazy. In a the most lovely way though. Everyone was very amped for the concert and as I walked down the line with my sister, the sound of South Africans talking to eachother really got me in the correct vibe. First things first: the largest area in Melkweg was sold out for a band that hasn’t had an act there, that is quite unique. But in a way, it was magical too. Such was the whole evening.


I must compliment everyone involved with chosing a great support act. Well support act, Hannah Trigwell is nothing less than an major act herself and it sounded awesome! In all honesty I hadn’t listened to her own songs, but they were great. The way she talked to the audience, playfull yet sure of here business. And what a voice and accent, I definitely told people before and I will confirm it for a 100% again: A Yorkshire accent is one of the most sexy accent on this planet.

We were all prepared for the main act, well at the time I thought I was. Prepared by a south african buddy and via the vlogs of Mr. Ben Brown, I felt pretty confident I knew what to expect. Nothing could be further from the truth, it was one brick of energy all act. WOW! Sometimes you have that feeling that you can conquer the world and have only positive thoughts.

Well that feeling emerged at this particular concert last night. Not only is Jeremy extremely gifted with his voice and guitar, he has a very technical skill which he uses to make the songs. Supported by the other band members, this was a very magical and very pure act. I have been dancing and moving and singing (false) all evening, nothing gives me more pleasure than music that lifts my mood!

Also I would like to expres my gratitude for what Jeremy Loops does for South Africa and maybe he is unaware of it and maybe I’m the only who noticed it. BUT with the recent struggles and struggles of the past time, I think his music is just what the people need. It’s a powerful representation of the rainbow nation. It binds not only music styles, but cultures and people together. The influences of his youth and experiences give strength to the ideal from one south africa. And I would like to thank you from the bottom from my heart for such a powerful display and I hope I will see you again soon in the Netherlands or South Africa.”


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