My passion: Groundhopping

For the people who know, it comes no surprise that I breathe football. One of my biggest passions is visiting football matches, grounds and stadiums. And today I’m going to tell you exactly why this is perfect for me.

I was not born in a environment that you would mark a typical football loving situation. There’s no love lost between my parents and football. Upon asking my father what his favourite team was (Ajax) he responded that he had chosen them because they made him money..

Ofcourse you become intrigued by the bigger clubs national and international, the bigger stars. But I was alway odd in that way. When people say Ronaldo or Messi, I think yeah they’re allright. But no. My heroes so to speak are the people who are loyal to their club or have a particular skill. I’m not a mainstream footballfan in that way.

Loyalty was something my grandfather had said to me, being loyal is one of the greatest virtues in life and I tend to honour this. I got a season ticket for my local team VVV-Venlo in my teens and for the time to come I will have one.

My interest in other clubs and stadiums did grow when going to awaydays with VVV. I don’t know, but the game did mean less and less to me. Don’t get me wrong, I still go absolute bonkers when we win, but I also have more attention to the stadiums and the fans. The cities and the way of life in that particular region. The history, the culture, the language, my word it’s an art.

Since that time me and my friends have made a hobby to visit other stadiums. First Germany in the bundesliga, 2. bundesliga and lower. Belgium and England followed, soon after there was spain, Austria and France. And after that so many games followed and I’m still doing this stuff.

The feeling when you are in a stadium between the fans, cheering their team on, singing, shouting, it’s fantastic. The rivalry between teams, lower league football and emotions. I can’t describe it, you have to be there. It’s the kind of feeling that I have, that I’m completely free of obligations and things I have to do. For me it’s poetry, it’s freedom.


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