My special playlist

I’ve not been feeling well all week to be honest. Yes, I do have my moments, but sometimes it really gets dark inside my head. Really struggling with thoughts and focussing on the positives things.
One of the things I have learned about these times, it that you can improve your situation with external things, in this case music.

I’ve created a playlist with music I associate with happy feelings, positive vibes or motivation. Or just music that takes me to a better place, even when it’s only for the time the song plays. Mind you, it’s not all perfectly happy or anything but it works for me and that’s the most important thing I think.

The name of the playlist is a bit weird, I know. Can’t be arsed Cuz’? Man, that’s totally not you Marc! I got a friend in the UK and he uses a lot of slang, cracks me up everytime! But he also told me, even when times are very hard, some things you just have to let go or have a laugh about. I don’t know if it will succeed or I can do that, but it has nice tone to it.

It’s a playlist that keeps on growing and I think it will really help me with some issues. When I’m panicking I can just listen to some music and relax a bit. Well that’s the intention, because with anxieties you never know. But I could at least give it a try.


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