One month of blogging: What has it brought me?

I have had this blog for over a month now and I thought it would be a good time for me (and for you lot) to reflect on the first month/period. I had a few goals at the beginnen when I started blogging and yeah, let’s see how it all turned out eh! And thank you for reading my blogposts, it does mean a lot!

So my first and perhaps only goal when I started this blog, was to write my thoughts and emotions off of me. This could be emotional and personal blogpost or just sharing my passions, hobbies and lifestyle stuff. At this point I can say it’s not only therapeutic in the way that it will relieve myself via the medium of blogging. It also is relatable to other bloggers, who are kind enough to comment on my blogposts and sometimes say that it has helped them in a way. That gives me good vibes to be honest, interacting over the internet about life struggles or just passions. Good stuff.

If you read some om my more personal blogposts, you can see that I suffer from anxieties. Anxiety is different for everyone in my opinion and you can’t compare it 100% to other people. But what I’ve learned is that there is a bigger % of people who suffer from it, than I had imagined. I just found at that it was a particular anxiety and not a lot of different mental en physical issues, as I had thought for years (and with me GP’s ).
The support I’ve gained is immense and I know, it isn’t the most positive thing to suffer from it, but the support I have received is quite overwhelming to be honest. People, who are complete strangers to me gave me such kind words and helped me with saying how I could cope with it, it fills my heart with joy. The warmth I felt, felt so good. That I also gave that support to others. I can honestly say that supporting eachother gives you some sort of bond, even over the internet with strangers. It’s nice to interact in this way, when you just want hide from the world and just want to stay in bed and put the world on the pause button.

Motivation & Inspiration
The thing about motivation blogposts is that you want to motivate yourself first of all. It motivates you to write a post and further more you want it to be motivating. For yourself at that moment or for a moment later on and you need that motivation. What I’ve noticed is that you motivate other people as well with your posts, because of the post itself or your plans or quotes. I think that’s beautiful and I do have that too with other people.
Motivation is for me, activating people to do stuff you know. But that’s not my main goal, sure it’s great but inspiring people with my blog is more beautiful in my opinion. Why? Well I think inspiring is a thing that comes naturally, You do your own thing, you don’t write the purpose to inspire and that’s what makes it that beautiful I think. When people say that I’m inspiring or I tell that to others, that’s in my opinion the greatest compliment you can get for your blog.

TwitterI’ve started posting my blog links on Twitter. That was kind of a struggle, there are a lot of people I personally know on twitter. And MEH. What would they think of me blogging, especially as a guy there seems to be an ‘uncool’ vibe around it. They tell me. But I just did because I want to develop, progress and grow. So I just thought what the hell.
I’ve gained 70 new followers since blogging and followed a lot new persons with blogs and I can honestly say this made me happier. I interact more on twitter with people I don’t and get answers on questions, more like and retweets. It’s not about that, but it does feel good when you start a blog and post on social media, that you can talk about it. Not only about the stuff on the blogs, but also just things out there. For example yesterday I discussed the Junior Doctor Strike and Justice for the 96 on twitter with people from GB. I love doing that.
I’ve started to tweet a lot more and that has two reasons as I see it. I’m done with facebook and I see twitter as a more developed social medium than facebook. But that is my opinion haha.

Okay instagram is a BIG factor with bloggers. I’ve followed loads of people on there and gained soooooo much inspirations, it’s mental. If I have a critical look at my instagram, it’s nowhere near stylish or blog-ish. I don’t want that to be a theme or something similar, I just want that to be me.

This is one the most exciting new things I’d never imagined I would be able to do. Well I had the idea of writing a novel, but it was something I thought I couldn’t do. It was and still is something I haven’t done before so I’m quite nervous as excited at the moment haha.
Because it’s my first time, I made my journey open for everyone. Not only can I write little pieces of my process to you guys, but you can comment and give me feedback. Which I really need!

I don’t have really specific plans for the future. Just doing what I’m doing now and maybe some videos on youtube now and then. Oh! Wait a minute, perhaps I should try to write more organized on the blogposts. The posts are somewhat like, anarchy.


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