Pretty Green Summer Collection

I  love that the sun is out again and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Though it’s not warm enough to wear any shorts – you could do it anyway – , I’ve been looking for some new clothes for the summer. I have tons of clothes, but the most are for the winter or are too warm for the real summer.

So lately I’ve been browsing the stores and the internet for summer clothers. But there is one store I haven’t bought clothes from and I absolutely want to every week. Their clothes are exactly my style I think and the reason I haven’t bought them till this day, well money. But haven’t we all have that particular little problem?

Marc, great and all that but what in the world is Pretty Green? Glad you asked me! Pretty Green is a clothing brand founded back in 2009 by former Oasis member Liam Gallagher and named after a song from The Jam.(Realizing at this point I definitely have to make a blogpost about my particular love for Oasis.) It does reflect the vibe of oasis, but also the rock & roll feel that has influenced not only GB but also the rest of the world. Smart clothing and unique references to pop music. I absolutely love it.

Here are some of the clothes I just want to HAVE, I MUST HAVE. SO when the money is right and the time. I’ll probably purchase these clothing bits.


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