Spring Favourites

It’s April and that means Spring has proper begun. I must say I don’t have a typical spring theme or clothing style, but I do have things I wear more often in the spring/summer than in the colder weather.

First of all my shoes. They are red Rosh Runs and they are the perfect shoes for the warm weather. They breath so to speak and they are really featherlight. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t buy them because of the price (90,- euros), but I got them in final SALE when I was in Berlin last summer.

The hat or cap (I still don’t know what the proper definition is.. Yes I’m an idiot). Well snapback. Yes that’s the stuff! It is from Brixton. I bought it because I didn’t see people with those caps and I really fancied them. It is a win-win kind of situation,  where I can wear awesome clothing and being sort of exclusive. I really love the Brixton clothing line as well, perhaps a good idea to buy some summer clothing from Brixton. It’s inspired by music and culture, that is exactly my cup of tea.

The jacket is by Ellesse and it’s perfect for the spring. It is really thin, but it keeps the wind out and it keeps you warm as well. It is the perfect jacket for going to a football match, walking along the beaeh or just when you are going out. It was a real bargain. I got 50% off at SIZE and it might be my best buy. Well best buy when we’re talking clothes that is.

So, what are your favorites for this spring?


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