That time I witnessed the Ishtar Gate!

As a lover of history, culture and traveling. It’s more than reasonable that I should visit a museum once in a while.

Last summer I was visiting the German capital Berlin with my cousin and that city is absolutely stunning! Doesn’t matter what your interests are, for everyone there is something spectacular to do or to visit.

I had visited the Pergamon Museum previously, but my cousin didn’t. So we went in and it was crowded as hell. Of course it was a holiday, but still it was swarming people from over the world: Japanese, Italian, american, african and what not.
The Pergamon museum is the Museum of the antique history as they call it. The history from 3000 BCE to 500 AD.

The most beautiful thing I saw previously and wanted my cousin to see, was the Ishtar Gate. It was part of the city of Babylon back in the early 500’s BCE. It was constructed by King Nebuchadnezzar II on the North side of the city. It was also known as the 8th gate to the city.

I can almost hear you thinking: Babylon? Berlin? What in the world is the connection? Well in the 19th and 20th century, European nations or states were infamous because of their museum policies. They wanted to get more fame and become more important than others. This lead to some sort of war of the museums: the need to have the best collection. So did the Germans in the 20th century: They ‘broke’ the whole gate down, exported it back to Germany and build it up, brick by brick. CRAZY!

Now this couldn’t go through in the 21st century, but Berlin has go a marvelous museum because of it! I thoroughly enjoyed it and if you have the chance to visit it, do it! You’ll thank me later 🙂


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