Typical things I hate about public transport

Well I had some irritations this morning with the bloody public transport, so I took my complaints to twitter so that other people could ‘enjoy’ it. Then I saw that a fellow blogger had the similar problems in another country and that lead me to the conclusion: Public Transportation leads to stress and irritation.
Be from Lovefrombe┬á(Check out her blog, pretty awesome if you ask me! Cool stuff and gifted young woman ­čÖé ) and I had a little fall out with the public transport and she persuaded me (well gave me the idea) to write a blogpost about the typical things we hate about public transport. So here it goes!

1. People who talk (too much)When you are on public transport in the morning or after a hard day of work/study the only thing you most likely want is peace. Calmness or silence. One of the most annoying things that can happen is that random people try to talk to you about silly stuff. ‘Oh you have been to school. Where do you go to school? Do you have a girlfriend? When I was your age I had loads of boyfriends/girlfriends’. I don’t know you! Leave me alone!

2. People joining you when there is plenty of space/roomImagine yourself entering a bus, metro or train. You see a spot where nobody is sitting in a radius of 2/3 meters. You think by yourself this is a little piece of heaven.You enjoy your space and then all of a sudden people come into the bus or train or metro. You keep thinking “do not sit here, do not sit here, I will rip you apart if you come near my lovely castle of personal space. There is bloody 80 seats in this vehicle” And then they do sit next to you with all their bags and hats and other stuff. For Gods sake there are so many empty seats!

3. People sneaking inBe did mention this and we haven’t got this problem in the Netherlands as she described, but I have traveled abroad and this is a terrible thing. You have to go through gates with your tickets, but some people are just behind you – almost touching your bum – and sneak in. WHO ARE YOU THAT YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO ME? And why not pay for your ticket? It is really frustrating when you are just on your way, early in the morning and people do this.

4. Not letting people outThis is plain etiquette. When a bus, metro or train stops, you let the people out before you get in. People who can’t wait make such a mess. People falling, getting pushed or total mix-ups. No respect and I get rather pissed (in an angry way, not the booze) when I’m the one that has to go out of ┬áthe bus or train and I’m pushed back. The only thing holding me back from committing a crime is an episode of CSI.

5. Letting old people and pregnant women standThis maybe of the more noble opinions I’ve had, but I can’t stand it when old people or pregnant women have to stand on a bus/metro/train. It’s bloody on the wall mate: Old people/pregnant women are privileged to a seat when full. This really gets me angry and to be honest, I’ve had a few arguments because of this. And they say chivalry is dead?

Well people what are some of your typical irritations on public transport? Let me know! And shout out again to Be! Go visit her blog on http://www.lovefrombe.com/.


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  1. april 22, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    Number 2 all the way! When I used to catch the bus from London to Cardiff I used to put my bag on the seat and pretend to sleep so no one would invade my space. It worked 90% of the time.

  2. april 22, 2016 / 2:29 pm

    That's a good one! I guess I'm not that good at pretending I'm asleep.. They always seem to find me and start a nice annoying little chat…
    btw How long did it take by bus to get to Cardiff?

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