Week motivation on Monday!

Monday Motivation 
It’s bloody Monday yeah! Time for us all to get productive, inspired en motivated. At least that’s my intention of the Monday. I just try to bring myself to get going on this Monday. But I feel like I’m a wee different from other people whom I’ve spoken to about the Monday Motivation.

For a lot of people the motivation is needed because of this thing called: Monday. It’s the day after the weekend and people are less motivated for that day, than say a Wednesday. So the motivation is needed to get them going for the whole week. D’ya know what I mean? (Obviously you have to read this with some sort of manchester accent.)

Those people really are motivated on a Friday, hence the TGIF. I do to, but I’m also really motivated on a Monday too. I don’t know what it’s, but of late I’m extremely motivated. Who would have thought that! (I certainly wouldn’t)

Well I have this thing, I think. Sometimes my mind isn’t clear and then it’s rather complicated to explain what I mean, but I’ll give it a go.
I pick a motivational quote or inspiring quote from the books I have or what I found on the internet. And that quote is going to resemble my week or I like it to be haha. That quote would have different meanings to me. It could be emotional, motivational, inspirational, happy, sad, strong etc. I just feel the need to wake up every morning, read that particular quote of the week and be so pumped, so strong and motivated that that week will be very strong indeed. Does this make sense? Please tell me if it doesn’t.

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

The quote above is my inspiration for this week and I will tell you just why it’s going to be a huge influence on my week.

The quote is by Francis of Assisi. Who? Yeah, I know. For the most people who are not religious or into history, this name will not  leave any particular thoughts. But Francis was a roman catholic friar who was the founder of the Franciscus order. The current Pope is a member of his order.
Okay Marc, well done well done. But how will this motivate you? I’m quite the religious person, but that’s not why I picked this quote out. (My intent is to pick quotes that could be inspirational for you too and I realize religion is not always inspiring for the majority of people)

Lately a lot of people have said to me, you can’t do that. You CANNOT do that. You are underqualified, mentally unstable, you don’t have the drive. You are not experienced. You have no knowledge of such things and so on. Obviously this has got me down and it still has. But I have made a choice. If I’m going to do this – the thing is I want to write a novel – I’m have to this right. The thing people say it’s impossible.

So when I found this quote I thought; this is alright! Do you what you must, then do everything what is optional, extra. Do the things you must and the things you want, combined it will drive you to do the impossible.

This isn’t only motivation from my book, but for everything. I struggle with anxiety and it’s stupid of me to think that everything has to be perfect or doomed. My happiness can be achieved by little steps and by being happy with less. It’s a struggle, but maybe I’m just finding out who I am and what I want. It’s a long process and a long way, but I want to take you on my journey.





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