Why I voted NO on the Ukraine Referendum.

Maybe you have heard some noises or you know of it, but yesterday the Netherlands (the country i live in) voted for the proposed EU association treaty with the Ukraine.

It started a while ago when a group of people had the idea of asking for a referendum. FYI everyone has the right to petition for a referendum. If a certain number of petitions has been reached (┬▒420.000), there will be a referendum. In this case a ‘ref’ about the proposed treaty of the EU with the Ukraine. 29 members of the EU were in favor of the treaty, but we Dutch had to be different and have a referendum about it.

It took place yesterday and several things got my attention. Only the last week or so, the political parties started to campaign for your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote and I found that a bit odd in all honesty.
Secondly, there were less people who wanted to vote than there were at a general election and that was slightly problematic. Why? Well you have to have a turnout of 30% or more, otherwise the referendum is invalid. At least the outcome is.

The big question is: What did you vote marc? Well I voted NO, against the treaty and will tell you why is voted against the treaty.
Well I’m no big fan of the current state of the EU. I like the team-mentality, working together and I do encourage that. But when you are integrating all the states into one big state so to speak, you have to do that with everything: politics, economics, military, culture etc. They are lacking that so, no big fan there.

I find it hard to understand which advantage we do get from letting the eastern european countries into the mix. I get it, for them it’s all positive and if I were in their shoes, hell yeah! But what is in it for us? The Euro crisis is real and 40% of our tax money that we contribute to the EU, is given to farmers. To compensate for the minimum/maximum prizes. Yeah exactly, that’s a lot of money. So I’m rather skeptical at the moment. At these times I just in a kind of dilemma and Brexit doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.

But the main reasons I voted no were no visa required status and the military. In my experiences there are a lot of people smugglers or traders, careercriminals from the Ukraine and when they don’t have to have a visa. Well it all makes it easier for them and less easy for the police (no supranational police body to this date?).
And there is something like the relationship with Russia (read Putin here). Well that’s another cup of tea, but those were my main reason to vote against.

I’m sure I have an opinion that differs from others, but I like to discuss it! So where do you stand on the European Union?


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