Why is my blog called ‘llareggub’ ?

So a question I get a lot the last few days is: Why does your blog have such a different name than others do? Well fasten your seatbelt, today you are going to learn everything about it!

What does it mean?
Llareggub doesn’t mean something. It derives from the play Under Milk Wood and has some sort of resemblance to welsh towns, which do often start with Llan. Llareggub backwards is Bugger All.

Why did you chose it?
I’m really into the works of Dylan Thomas and by some sort of coincidence I came by his work Under Milk Wood. I was watching the football documentary on Swansea City : Jack to a King and the intro was very illuminating. In fact it was so good with the music and the voice over, I HAD to know what the text was about. And yes it was the intro from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. Over the years I have really learned a lot about Welsh culture and customs, so much that I really want to go there and just meet up with people there.

What has the name to do with your blog?
Nothing specific with the content, but more with my attitude. Or what I want. My anxieties lead to overthink everything and not doing stuff because I think I will fail or disappoint people. I just want say sometimes: Bugger All. That’s why I named this blog as it is.

So what do you think?



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