Writing a novel: Part I

Yes, you read it right. I’m currently in the process of writing a novel. I had so many reactions to this, it’s unbelievable, but with the reactions came other things. You should do this first and you have to hold yourself to these rules. Oh Marc, here a website with instruction how to write a novel. STOP!

For gods sake staaawwwp people. Okay, I’ve never written anything remotely novel-ish or a story other than a project for school. However, in my opinion the beauty lies in the whole thing. Starting your novel world should be something you should do and don’t let other decide how you make your way into it. Don’t ge me wrong, any feedback on the content is welcome, absolutely! But how you make the process, is entirely up to you. So yeah…

The Protagonist

Okay lads and lassies, I’ve really started with my novel! I had a vague idea for the setting, where should my story be set in. I’ve had a particular interest in Wales for a long time now, so it was quite obvious that would be the background of my novel.
As soon as I had made that decision, I realized I’m new at this. Usually I write stuff that is more like journalism or academic. That gives you structure, but also gives you restrictions. Now I entered a world, well at first complete anarchy to be completely honest. But after a few cups of calm down tea, the foggy clouds flew away and it all became more clear.

So how did I find my kind of protagonist? In my opinion you have to decide what kind of novel you want to write really. For me this was without a shadow of a doubt this genre: Bildungsroman or the english name for it “Becoming-of-age genre”. I read ‘Submarine’ and I thought this is a proper story!
That left me with some options obviously, but I have made the choice to go with an 18 year old protagonist. I know coming of age is more linked to 14/15/16 year olds, but when I take my own adolescent life as an example. I became of age between the years 18-21. So my protagonist is 18 years old.

The family consists of a welsh father, an english mother, the protagonist and the twin brother who are younger (15 years old). They moved to the Netherlands (where I live, the writer), but after 15 years they move back to Swansea, where the father originates from and the parents have met in Swansea.

My protagonist has the name Dafydd Emrys Garry Jones. But is also called ‘Daf’ or ‘Gazza’. His interests are a mix between my personal interests and those of different protagonists is other novels or films actually. Football, language, culture, love, religion and politics are key aspects of Dafydd, but also of the story. He struggles after moving to Wales. New language, new people, losing friends But finds comfort in Football. Also does he feel very protective over his younger twin brothers, but they are good pals too.
The relationship with the parents is great, but he has a slightly better relationship with his dad because he is welsh. Dafydd feels more welsh than English, his brothers on the other hand feel more English.

This are really the things I had put on paper before starting with actual writing stuff. I think it works for me at the moment and now I’ve began writing, the story fills the gaps and the character do develop a lot.

It would be awesome to hear what you think about it!
I’ve written 3 chapters at this point and if you want to read some stuff, just email me or tweet me 🙂



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  1. april 22, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    I'm honestly so excited about this Marc! 🙂 I already told you that I like your idea & I really do mean it, I think it will be a great story. Also I totally agree with what you said in the introduction, in my opinion when you're starting to write your novel you just have to listen to yourself & find out how you want to do it. When I wrote my book I had no idea how to get started but I just decided to do it my way & see how it all works out.

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  2. april 24, 2016 / 7:21 am

    Thank you Sara! I'm just figuring it all out, so we'll see where it all ends 🙂 One thing is very clear, I'm enjoying writing it!

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