Educating mental health: Goodbye OCD Stigma

Sometimes you have a moment, a moment that ends in  EUREKA or FINALLY I SEE. Sometimes it’s something new that you experience and sometimes you have been wrong about something for a really long time, thought the wrong things about something delicate. The latter did occur to me, I was wrong and this my attempt to educate not only you, but also myself. I suffer from a mental illness, if you want to read more about it, I suggest you read this post.

I’m diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, but as many have said, the diagnose can change over time. Having said that, I’ve entered a whole new world, a world that is unique. But also a world, the media has laughed and joked about, the consequent of it all is sad: serious misperceptions about mental illnesses.

I’ve done a lot of testing and the written tests suggests that I score high on Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour (OCD). At this time I’m in the proces of a lot of things, but I most confess. I didn’t know what it was prior to this all. ENTER Kayleigh from the blog Very Berry Cosmo and her project GOODBYE OCD STIGMA.

First of all, let me tell you how nice Kayleigh is. She was very kind to respond to my tweets and did genuinely ask me how I felt. For me that is lovely, but aside from her amazing personality, she has educated me on the field of OCD. With her project on OCD education she has not only educated people in my opinion, but she has also discussed and mentioned something a lot of people want to do, but found to hard to do or were afraid of.  Thank you so much Kayleigh.
I have seen two youtube video’s of Kayleigh talking about it and it made me quite emotional to be honest, because she made time to explain something that is affecting her day to day.

After reading tweets, reading her blogposts (THIS is a brilliant post) and seeing the video’s, I must confess I have been saying the wrong things about OCD for years. Thinking people with OCD ‘liked’ cleaning and using the term for something as plain as getting the pencils in a right order. I’m sorry for that people, I was non-educated and that’s why these projects are from a vital importance

So yet again Kayleigh, thank you for taking the time to do this. It has helped me being educated in the possible struggle that awaits me, but it surely has helped me understanding what OCD is and how it can affect people. I think it’s quite important that people know this and not only in the UK, but all over the world. (I’m from the Netherlands, so you are going places 🙂 )

People, go check her out!
Twitter: Very Berry Cosmo | Goodbye OCD Stigma
Blog: Very Berry Cosmo Blog

‘Ave a good one everyone

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Rain equals productivity

Top of the mornin’ to ya!

Let’s do that again, it’s almost 4 pm and I’m finishing this blogpost, because well.. there is something called LEAGUE TWO PLAY OFF SEMI FINALS on the television. And I have to watch that pronto.

I’ve been crazy productive today and that’s a lot to do with the weather outside. I’m feeling remotely positive today and that is quite the surprise to be honest with you haha. I literally woke up to New Order’s song Blue Monday. Well that is not the right mindset to wake up to, now is it?

Looking out of the window you could see this thing, this particular thing called: rain. Thunder. Storm. Somehow this triggered me to do stuff and that makes sense in a way. I’m not distracted by the beautiful weather, let alone going outside with the bloody heavens coming down.
I just thought well let’s bloody do this then! Since 10 am this morning, I’ve written 3000 words for my novel (yeah I know it’s preposterous), done the grocery shopping, read the newspapers, did several things for work and did my abs exercises. Talk about productivity today!

I’d like to think that the rain has increased my productivity, which also made me more happy. Am I the type of person who loves rain over Sun? It does certainly make me more happy at the moment haha.


(I’m going to watch the game now, if you have me on twitter, bear with me when we get beaten.)


WRITING A NOVEL: PART III – Introducing new characters

After a few busy days where I hadn’t had the chance to really write on my novel, I continued my writing again. In my opinion it always take a moment before you get into the writing again. Especially when you are in the middle of a chapter or a plottwist. Note to self and perhaps to you guys: set yourself an endgoal and keep to it. Stopping in the middle of a chapter, wasn’t the best idea I had recently. In fact it was on the worst I had and if you know me; I have a lot of bad ideas haha.

Introducing new charactersOh sweet mother Mary, this is going to be interesting I thought. And it was. I’d written quite a story of my Part I of the book. It was easy to write, because you are writing mainly about the protagonist and his family that moves to Wales. There are only a few familymembers and they don’t need that many explanation on their characters, because my idea was to let them be more characters in a supporting role, not a protagonist or other very important roles.

Okay fair enough I thought, but I had to introduce a very important main character. Someone who becomes the best friend of my protagonist throughout the book and will get through the same problems, struggles and trifles. (Well at least 80% or so)

But how do you introduce such characters? Do you go all in and explain everything about him to the readers? Do just tell nothing and let them find out for themselves, by simply reading the rest of the story? Do you give the readers the impression he or she is very important, but gradually let them slide into the story? Or do you start with giving them a supporting role and let them evolve throughout the book to a main character? OMG I have so many questions and can’t get my head wrapped around it!

I haven’t decided yet what to do about it, but I think I’m on the right path. I’ve introduced the new character to my protagonist. They barely know each other yet, but I have created a opportunity where the protagonist learns more about the new character. That’s one side of the coin, the other side is that the reader can form some initial impression of the new character. I’m trying to let new characters, those who become friends or detested, come into the story without giving everything away. I want the readers to form their own opinion and come to the conclusion later on, that their thesis is right or wrong. That gives the story a twist I want. Everyone has a typical view on how to adult or how to deal with struggles. I want to give the readers the chance to think in their own way, rather than putting it in front of their noses all the time. Does this make any sense?

I’ve introduced Rhod. Rhod is a bloke who lives across the street of the protagonists new home in Swansea. Rhod lives next to Uncle Daniel and the father of Rhod is Gary, an old friend of Rhys (Father) and Daniel (Uncle). Rhod is one year older and introduces the protagonist with one of the most important things throughout the book: Swansea City. I know this is a footballclub, but it’s not only about the game. It’s a certain lifestyle, it’s the way of living for the boys from 14 years old.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece! If you ever have any questions, remarks or something to add, just email/tweet me! I’m open for suggestions!

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‘Calm’ down laddie!

I’m a worrier, not a warrior. I worry about a lot of things and having anxieties doesn’t seem to make it any easier in my opinion. If you want to read more about my feelings towards them, feel free to the other blogposts.
This is about me, looking for solutions.

I’ve always felt very good and at ease when visiting churches. There’s something about them, that makes me very calm. Maybe it’s the feeling you can get from the fact that it’s located in a very noisy world, but you still can find that peace you want.

Obviously it’s not always possible to find any or go into any church at any given time. For example, my worries mostly come to the surface when I’m in my, morning or at night. So I started to search for some alternatives and I’ve looked for a long time mind you. The horror, frustration and plain anger that took over when I couldn’t not find something that would suit my purpose.

That was over when I started following a blog called ‘Mojicho’ by Chloe. (CHECK OUT her blog, it’s awesome!) I saw some of her tweets and one contained the Calm app. Well that name surely got the bells ringing, but stupid as I am I forgot the name and etcetera.
A few days later I was just wandering around her blog and found this blogpost. It illuminated me completely. Thank you so much for this Chloe, hope you don’t mind! You can follow her as well on Twitter.

The app is really great man. I tried different meditation techniques and apps and what not. But they all didn’t kept me going for some reason. This one does!

The voices with instructions are very pleasant and the way they say things keeps me focused, yet relaxed. I’m not disturbed by nor am I distracted. A real winner this one is! Most of the meditation cycles are paid, but I’m really thinking of paying for the extra cycles, because my word. It really helps me calm down and especially when I’ve to go to bed.

Do you have any experiences with CALM?

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My Groundhop year!

With most of the play-off games played, this season has ended. So has my groundhop adventure for the season 2015/2016. It has been great fun and though I haven’t visited as many grounds as I’ve in the past few years, I’ve had quite the awaydays with my local football club.

I’ve seen 52 matches this season. 6 friendlies, 4 Europa League matches. 1 cup match. 4 play-off matches. Across 6 nations. Visited 30 different stadiums and grounds. Seen 11 different leagues. Seen amateurs, semi-pro’s and full professionals.

Over the summer I’m trying to post my match reports and findings about the regions and stuff, because there is no football. Obviously.

1.FC Union Berlin – Crystal palace

2.VVV – FC Mönchengladbach 
3.VVV – PEC Zwolle
4.Vitesse – Southampton
5.Almere city – VVV
6.VVV – FC Oss
7.Jong PSV – VVV 
8.VVV – Sparta
9.Blerick – Capelle 
10.Volendam – VVV
11.VVV – Venray
12.RW Oberhausen – FC Kray
13.Dortmund/Dede – XI World
14.VVV – Go Ahead Eagles
15.Schalke – Mainz
16.Jong vvv/hs – jong Heracles Almelo 
17.VVV Helmond sport
18.VVV u20 -China u20
19.VVV – Telstar 
20.VVV – jong  Ajax
21.Den Bosch- VVV
22.Marseille – Braga
23.Marseille – Nice 
24.VVV – Eindhoven 
25.VVV – MVV
26.Fortuna – VVV 
27.VVV – Achilles
28.Emmen – VVV
29.West ham – bournemouth
30.Fulham – blackburn
31.West ham 21 – VVV 21
32.VVV – Almere 
33.FC Oss – VVV
34.VVV – jong PSV
35.VVV – Volendam 
36.Essen – köln II
37.Sparta – VVV 
38.Austria Wien – Rapid Wien
39.VVV- Dordrecht
40.VVV – NAC
41.KRC Genk- club Brugge 
42Telstar – VVV
43. Borussia Dortmund – Tottenham Hotspurs 
44.VVV – RKC
45.VVV – FC den bosh 
46VVV – Fortuna 
47.VVV – Emmen
48Achilles – VVV 
49 Go Ahead Eagles – VVV
50.VVV Go Ahead Eagles
51.Graafschap – Go Ahead Eagles
52. MSV Duisburg – Wurzburger Kickers