Might try something new. Bear with me guys. I’m going to talk about a bit of technology! Well I hope that’s what it is. But yeah, once in a while I just want to talk what’s going on in technology land eh.

BEME, that is what I’m going to talk about. It’s an app for Apple and Android, I must add that Android has been part of the Beme family for a short period. I think a week or so.
So what kind of app is this? Well It’s an app designed by the likes of youtube great Casey Neistat and more investors to give the user an exclusive and exceptional video experience. You can make short videos and only videos from 1 to 8 seconds.
The app originates from the idea of giving a more vlogging experience to your phone and has in my opinion some crossovers with Vine and Snapchat, but combines the good things.

I’ve had a for a while now, but I always did more snapchat for some reason. Mainly because not many friends use BEME, they don’t know of its existence I reckon. But I’m really into it now and I’m going to use it more to create video stories. I love the fact that it’s stored on BEME and you can watch it back and download for a longer period than the usual 24 hours story of snapchat. The videos are saved in a instagram lay-out, yeah even the new one!

If you are more into the youtuber experience and want to document it all in one place, I think you should give BEME a try.
My username is MARCLAMBERTS.


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