Book review: When China Rules The World

Bookreview: When China Rules the World

I think this is the first book I’m going to review on this blog. Might also be the second, at this point I don’t know really haha. This is also a opinionated blogpost, so I might add some of my own viewings on the subjects portrayed in the book. Having said that, it’s not a novel or anything similar. This book is more informative and academic I would say, though the language is very readable. My experiences with academic writing is that it’s only readable for about 3% of the population.

This book focuses on several aspects of the so called future when china will rule the world and I for one think that’s very interesting. There is one particular line throughout the book that really got me thinking and will perhaps make you think as well.
They author states that everyone does acknowledge the growth of China, not only economically but also military. No one disagrees on the modernization of China. But modernizing, that is the tricky part of it. We think China will modernise in Western terms. Think more like western countries do, behave like we do. Have a democracy like we do.

But according to the author this is a false assumption. If China becomes the leading authority economy wise than it’s likely that the rest of the world will modernise in a manner that suits the Chinese. In other worse we become more Chinese as a society. Adapting to their standards of economy, democracy, culture and behaviour.

I think this is pretty interesting and logically. It might happen when China takes the #1 spot, but they also have a big economic crisis at the moment, so I don’t see that happening for the foreseeable future to be perfectly honest.

What is your opinion on it? Should we adapt to the leading economic powers in the world? Or should we maintain our own traditions and sense of values?


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