Educating mental health: Goodbye OCD Stigma

Sometimes you have a moment, a moment that ends in  EUREKA or FINALLY I SEE. Sometimes it’s something new that you experience and sometimes you have been wrong about something for a really long time, thought the wrong things about something delicate. The latter did occur to me, I was wrong and this my attempt to educate not only you, but also myself. I suffer from a mental illness, if you want to read more about it, I suggest you read this post.

I’m diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, but as many have said, the diagnose can change over time. Having said that, I’ve entered a whole new world, a world that is unique. But also a world, the media has laughed and joked about, the consequent of it all is sad: serious misperceptions about mental illnesses.

I’ve done a lot of testing and the written tests suggests that I score high on Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour (OCD). At this time I’m in the proces of a lot of things, but I most confess. I didn’t know what it was prior to this all. ENTER Kayleigh from the blog Very Berry Cosmo and her project GOODBYE OCD STIGMA.

First of all, let me tell you how nice Kayleigh is. She was very kind to respond to my tweets and did genuinely ask me how I felt. For me that is lovely, but aside from her amazing personality, she has educated me on the field of OCD. With her project on OCD education she has not only educated people in my opinion, but she has also discussed and mentioned something a lot of people want to do, but found to hard to do or were afraid of.  Thank you so much Kayleigh.
I have seen two youtube video’s of Kayleigh talking about it and it made me quite emotional to be honest, because she made time to explain something that is affecting her day to day.

After reading tweets, reading her blogposts (THIS is a brilliant post) and seeing the video’s, I must confess I have been saying the wrong things about OCD for years. Thinking people with OCD ‘liked’ cleaning and using the term for something as plain as getting the pencils in a right order. I’m sorry for that people, I was non-educated and that’s why these projects are from a vital importance

So yet again Kayleigh, thank you for taking the time to do this. It has helped me being educated in the possible struggle that awaits me, but it surely has helped me understanding what OCD is and how it can affect people. I think it’s quite important that people know this and not only in the UK, but all over the world. (I’m from the Netherlands, so you are going places 🙂 )

People, go check her out!
Twitter: Very Berry Cosmo | Goodbye OCD Stigma
Blog: Very Berry Cosmo Blog

‘Ave a good one everyone

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