Filmreview: Quadrophenia

It has been a very long time or perhaps relatively long time since I’ve talked about films or series. Well it’s about time innit? I’ve talked about Trainspotting as my favourite film and after seeing that film, I started orientating on British cultfilms. I honestly just typed in top 20 British cultfilms and one popped up in every list: Quadrophenia.

The name Quadrophenia meant something to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it right away. It was catchy and it kept my mind occupied for the rest of that particular day, some good 3 years ago. I mentioned the name to my father and he said two rather illuminating yet funny things. I have seen that film in the filmclub. OH MY WORD. Why didn’t we have that? (If you had a school filmclub in your youth or university, I strongly need to have a word with you, because you are awesome).
The second thing he told me was that it’s also a studio album by The Who.

I absolute love The Who and I was quite excited to see the film. It didn’t disappoint me. It’s based in pre-Thatcher Britain and focuses on the youth of England. The youth is divided into the Mods and the Rockers. It’s very interesting how to see a certain lifestyle of a subculture. It’s not only the clothes, the music or the way of talking, it’s a way of life. It’s beautiful and impressive to see what kind of effect that can have on parents, friendship, love and future perspective.

It’s more of a musical than a film most people say. I don’t rate it as a musical, but there is a lot of songs in it, but that gives the movie its strength in my opinion. Further more it’s a film that can relate to different topics in your day to day life. If it’s family, friendship, love, education, subculture and overcoming troubles. It’s all in it and I strongly recommend seeing this film!


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