Rain equals productivity

Top of the mornin’ to ya!

Let’s do that again, it’s almost 4 pm and I’m finishing this blogpost, because well.. there is something called LEAGUE TWO PLAY OFF SEMI FINALS on the television. And I have to watch that pronto.

I’ve been crazy productive today and that’s a lot to do with the weather outside. I’m feeling remotely positive today and that is quite the surprise to be honest with you haha. I literally woke up to New Order’s song Blue Monday. Well that is not the right mindset to wake up to, now is it?

Looking out of the window you could see this thing, this particular thing called: rain. Thunder. Storm. Somehow this triggered me to do stuff and that makes sense in a way. I’m not distracted by the beautiful weather, let alone going outside with the bloody heavens coming down.
I just thought well let’s bloody do this then! Since 10 am this morning, I’ve written 3000 words for my novel (yeah I know it’s┬ápreposterous), done the grocery shopping, read the newspapers, did several things for work and did my abs exercises. Talk about productivity today!

I’d like to think that the rain has increased my productivity, which also made me more happy. Am I the type of person who loves rain over Sun? It does certainly make me more happy at the moment haha.


(I’m going to watch the game now, if you have me on twitter, bear with me when we get beaten.)


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