Whilst I take a sip of my cup of tea
And stare so deep into the newspaper I might burn my eyes
I contemplate on life and the form it has taken at this breezy Monday morning

Events in the recent past have taken my mind
Racing through my brain are the thoughts past, present and future
Of comfort, no man or woman speak
God, I do long for a brief moment of peace, a moment of utter silence.

I can’t remember the last time I haven’t thought
It’s draining, emotionally and physically
All I want right now is peace & silence
Standing on vast fields amidst trees
Hearing nothing than the wind slightly moving trough the wild grass dogs barking and fading in the distance
No cars, airplanes or loud music coming out of headphone
No drunken men on the cobblestone streets

Just me, my soul and body united with nature
Seeing life form this welcoming and yet shy feeling of silence
Little birds chirping and playing with eachother
I’m embracing the calmness, my little place of safety

This dream, this hope, this goal fades away I’m rude interrupted by the voices calling my name
Tasks awaiting my attention
If only I could escape some of this anxiousness
If only I could be free.



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