Slowly becoming British.

Okay people, maybe you can derive it from the title. But I’m not British. Well thank you captain obvious, that is the response I would expect. But to be honest with you lot, a lot of you think I’m British and that leaves me with two significant points:

1) I’m really flattered that people seem to think I’m British. The way I write or the topics or the choice of words. Anyway THANKS PALS.
2) Maybe the degree of English in Britain is not well taught or people don’t fully are capable of making the distinction between my English and British English.

Anyhow, I like the language English a lot. I like British people a lot and to be honest; I seek to interact with those people more than others. So it’s more than natural that I’m slowly turning into being more British. I drink a lot more Tea nowadays, read more newspapers that are English than Dutch. I know a lot about their culture and perhaps the most weird thing is this. When I’m watching Very British Problems, I do think it’s very relatable.

I don’t mind turning more into a Brit or becoming more familiar with GB, but it’s also influenced by the people whom I interact with on twitter or my blog. Does this make sense? Probably not, but I stumbled upon this little twitter statistic:

I know that I have been more into people from GB and have followed more people from there. But the fact that 50% of the people who see my tweets are from there means something to me. Perhaps not that much to you, but it makes me somehow happy. My intention is met and the people from GB do enjoy or see my tweets.

OKAY, I have no bloody idea what this is all about, but just wanted to put my thoughts on paper. Laptop.

‘Ave a good one lads and lassies.

(apologies for overusing the word ‘bloody’)


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