Why I’m still a LIVESTRONG ambassador.

This is a topic that is rather personal and perhaps a bit tough to talk about for me. But I’m going to do it anyway. I feel like it’s time to talk to you guys about it and why it motivates me to keep on going with this particular foundation: the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

After the big scandal with Lance Armstrong, a lot of persons quit the foundation and that is one of the most logical consequences of the actions of Armstrong. The actions of Armstrong himself, well I’m not going to talk about that. That’s for everyone else to judge, but I remained strong with the foundation he set up. And want to tell you why I’m still involved with it.

I became involved in the summer of 2010 and have been involved ever since. The reason for my joining was the pain I felt from loved ones who had suffered from cancer and had sadly died. But also the pain of lack of guiding and motivating the people who survived the terrible disease called cancer. I took it upon myself to get involved and do more for the people.
To be honest, I heard about the organization because of Lance Armstrong, but as soon as I read into it, I started really to believe in the concept of it all and I was really enthusiastic about their approach. It felt right and it was at the end of 2010, I decided to be an ambassador.

What does that mean Marc? Well It means that I donate regularly and  that I help the organization with promoting. It’s mostly focused on the USA, but there is an Europe movement as well and that’s where I come in. I try to keep the people within the organization motivated and help at events. I speak in front of people and tell them what LIVESTRONG is all about.

Since the scandal has occurred, the organization has had very difficult times. A lot of people leaving the foundation, as well as declining donations. It has hit hard to be honest.

Livestrong isn’t about one person. It’s about the millions of people facing cancer who need support as they fight the toughest battle of their lives.

I also got this question a lot: Armstrong has cheated on the whole world, why would you want to be involved in a foundation that does that? I always say the same thing. A) Armstrong isn’t involved anymore, but his work for the organization and for the help of cancer patients or survivors is just very great. B) It’s a splendid organization, which does good work and focuses on the positive. That’s one of the thing in life that I find very important: Positive thinking.

I think it has grown bigger than just a foundation for cancer survivors or for people in the cycling industry. It’s an ideology and it has grown. People not only join because of the cause, but also for the positivity that it has.

I wanted to talk to you guys about it, because it’s very important to me. If you want to know more about it, just ask me in the comments or hit me up on twitter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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