It has been how long now? Three weeks since I announced I was writing a novel and I think now is as good as any time, to continue my novel series with you guys with Part II: My Research.
My Research

I was writing the preface and everything went well. I just kept on writing and every word and little detail seemed to got onto paper. Yeah not really paper – thank you Captain Obvious – but on my laptop. I finished my draft for the preface an continued with Part I of the book: The Confrontation.

The Confrontation is based on the feeling of the protagonist when being confronted with the arrival in Wales and his sudden change of lifestyle and the people, who do perceive life different as he was used to back in the Netherlands. This is the part where everything went a bit slowly for me. I has absolutely no clue about the little descriptive things that make a novel worth the read in my opinion.

So Marc, what are you going to do now? I came to a very remarkable conclusion and something un-marc: I had to structure it. Marc and structure usually don’t mix, well I don’t try. I like anarchy, at least my anarchy. But I was going to try it, wasn’t I? I am not a complete daft tosser, it’s okay to try something new once in a while. So yeah STRUCTURE.

I started with the given fact that ‘The Confrontation’ was going be a confrontation on different levels of society and culture. My protagonist has to adjust to several aspects of culture and the most of them are very different from that he was used to. In this case the aspects are:

1. Language
2. Education
3. Food
4. Football
5. Education
6. Love
7. Friendship
8. Family
9. Nationalism
10. Film
11. Music

And more… But for some aspects I don’t have to do research. Either I know plenty about it (Football and Welsh Language) or somethings speak for themselve/you fill in the blanks yourself (Family, Friendship and Love). I can let those things past for now.
For what the writing concerns, I started writing the first part of the confrontation and that was the subject of Football. Not only do I know a lot about it, it’s also a typical aspect of my protagonist and his family members. Throughout the whole novel, football takes a very important place, so for me it was only logical to write about this early on in the story. It evolves more and more in the novel, but for the readers (and for the story) it’s very important to know which tone it sets.

After I had done that I took it upon myself to look to another subject before actually integrating that into the novel. The first thing I honestly did research was the education in Wales. I know one or two things about British education, but I was going to act like I didn’t know anything really. I just took notes – loads of them – and just basically made sure I got as lot as information as I could get. Not only from reading from the internet, but also read blogs, newspapers and talking to actual person who live in Wales. (North and South)
When I had all the knowledge I came to understand that I knew not enough about the education before I studied it. It was clear to me that I had to read a great deal about the topics I was going to write about. I want to make it as accurate as possible and that means I have to be very strict to myself.

I just finished the education part and I’m integrating it into the story right now. It’s such a good feeling to feel knowledgable and to be master about a subject. You feel confident that is the right way AND you can make it far more believable in your story. No more writers block for Marc!

Okay, okay. This is how I did till now and I don’t know this is the proper way to do it. But that’s how I did/do it! If you want to know more just ask me!

Do you guys want me to post a bit of what I wrote ?


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  1. mei 24, 2016 / 6:57 pm

    Hey Hayley!

    Thank you taking the time to read this. Oh that's very cool! Yes, I will consult 🙂 And it goes the other way around too, if you need any help, just ask me!


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