10 mindblowing things I think about.

*First and foremost, can we just appreciate my duckboots. I think I’m in love with them and this is one of the reasons I hate summer. Well it isn’t actually summer right now to be honest, but LOOK AT THEM*

Okay, you may have noticed, I’m not all there. But that’s fine with me, that’s me D’ya know what I mean? I’ve taken a bit of a period of rest, blogging wise and it has helped me with deciding what I want to do with my blog. Well I’ve a new template, which I wanted for so long but couldn’t find. But maybe more important (well not really), I’ve decided to take more time between posts. I can make my posts more interesting and of a higher quality. Or I have made myself believe that, which is fine too I guess.
If you have followed this blog for a while – which isn’t a long time, but hey I got over 5000 views – you may have come to the conclusion that I think. A lot. Loads. Vast majorities of thinking. Yup always have my thinking cap on. But it isn’t always a negative thing to think. I often think about ridiculous, yet mindblowing things.

So here’s a list of mindblowing things I think about. If you are offended by them, well. I don’t know just unread them or something like that I suppose.

  1.  If Popeye gets his strength from eating Spinach, how does he open a tin can with his bare hands before eating the so called strength giver?
  2. When cartoons have striped shirts in comic books, why do the stripes always stay the exact straight way, even when the character moves?
  3. If you choke a smurf, which colour will it turn into?
  4. Does the language term ‘Mandarin’ come from the dish Peking Duck or the other way around?
  5. Why the fuck do people still reference to my country as ‘Holland’ as it is in fact just a province?
  6. If you get out the shower clean, why does your towel get dirty?
  7. If two vegans are arguing, is it still considered beef?
  8. For every time someone has said to me ‘Penny for your thought’, why am I not rich yet?
  9. Why is it that when you say touch, you lips don’t touch. But when you say separate they do?
  10. What does water taste like?
So there you co! Put your thinking cap on and if you found bloody answers, give them to me in the comments! Hope you have an awesome day!


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