A short note from a non-drinking student.

I felt I had to talk about this. It’s something that has been bugging me for quite some time now and I just want to write my feelings on to paper. Well the white screen that’s called blogger.

As you may have noticed from the title, I don’t drink. Well I do enjoy the occasional lemonade or so, but I do mean to say: I don’t drink any form of Alcoholic beverage. Yes, I don’t. Yes, I’m a student and Yes, I do enjoy life as it is.
I can see you all being flabbergasted from your computerscreen, tablet or phones. Question marks are rising, let me explain to you why I don’t drink.

I guess I’ve never been an alcohol lover. From the age that I could drink, I haven’t many. Except from leaving secondary school, those weeks were a bit of. Overwhelming collection of joy, euphoria and a lot of lost memories. My laaaaawwddd, those were quite some days…
I’m drifting off, but at the age of 19 (I’m 24 now) I started to have pains on my chest and experienced pains from rapid heartbeats. I pursued it with the GP and the Cardiologist, the conclusion was I had an irregular heartbeat, which caused me the pain. This is were I made the conscious decision, I wanted to stop Alcohol. I didn’t know for how long and if I was to drink alcohol again.

At this time I just had met my current group of friends, who are as good as family now. Great bunch of lads, really love the. But it was somehow convenient that I became into their circle of friends AND I had decided to quit drinking. It made the so called transition a lot easier to be honest. They accepted and still do accept my non-drinking. It’s what makes ‘me’ me and I think because of that, I’ve a special place within our group.
Other than my friends and my closest family, no one understood the fact I didn’t drink. It was quite hard to be honest, especially when going out with your Uni friends or in other cities. It’s somehow obligatory or mandatory (I don’t know which one to pick lol) from a social perspective to engage in the thing that is called drinking.

I felt and still do feel I’m explaining all the time for not drinking and the feeling of not belonging is still there somehow. I’m defending my belief and principle of not drinking at the moment, that is as follows:

” I have made the conscious decision not to drink anymore – maybe once in a while, but no more than once in 3 months or so – for several reasons. I’m not a fan of it, health reasons, I’m perfectly able of heaving a good time without it, I have seen what it can destroy and the last reason: it makes my mental health more of a burden.”

The response is usually something like: “Oh you don’t like a pint? Here’s a Bacardi-cola” “Oh do you have medicines?” “You are a real sissy aren’t you? Real men drink mate. Wanker” And so on and one.
As you have noticed, I’m a bit frustrated by this subject and it does. Why do we al have to fit in with this ideal way of life? Why do you have to drink or have a particular mindset to function in this society? I mean does this make me less? NO. Does this make me feel better than others? NO DEFINITELY NOT.

I know myself and alcohol is not for me. Not in this time anyway, maybe in the future, maybe not. My family and friends accept it, they even welcome it. I went to Vienna with the boys and they know, there’s someone to get them out of situations, there’s someone to calm them down. And there’s someone they can ask the next morning: “Oi Marc, WTF has happened yesterday, I was absolutely smashed!”

So got that out of my system. Hope you don’t mind my little rant. If you have questions, please ask me. I don’t bite. I’m going to fix myself a cuppa. TEA. No long island ice tea. Just plain old Yorkshire tea.



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