EURO 2016 ROUNDUP: The struggles of Herr Müller


Let’s talk the beautiful game, shall we? It was suggested that I should write a little something on  Euro 2016. It was suggested there was too little euro 2016 and I thought, that can’t be. To be honest, people saying that my blog would be better with more football, makes me happy.

So ‘ere it goes, innit? We as Dutch haven’t qualified and I’m some sort of denial to be honest. Every day when watching the games, I ask myself the following question: WHY HAVEN’T WE QUALIFIED?! If I look at the quality of this euros, it is not good at all to be honest.
On the other hand if you fail to qualify in a group where Iceland, Czechia and Turkey qualify, then you are not worth it. Especially not when you are supposed to be a great football nation. Shambolic.

BUT all things aside, I’m very emotional this euros. It’s unbelievable. If you don’t believe me, go follow me on twitter, because I’M GASSED all the time mate. I will cheer for every flipping nation if they have some sort of cultplayers, great fans or just are from the British Isle to be perfectly honest.
I’m always ranting about AGAINST MODERN FOOTBALL and GLORYHUNTERS. But this euros I seem to be overjoyed and don’t want be all negative about that aspect of the game.

Special thanks to Vanessa from the blog Wanderness – MUST FOLLOW BLOG ALERT. Amazing content! –  for pushing me to do this. Much appreciated! Also go give her some love on Twitter.

Northern Ireland – Germany

Oh mate, this was the worst game to watch. Not necessarily because of the quality, because is was quite poor. But I just, I don’t know. Obviously Germany has tekkers because of the anthem and being the worldchampion and all that. They have players like Kroos and Ozil symbolizing the grace of our lord, innit? To be honest real Germans like Müller are it for me mate. So intense motivated, to the bone! Have you ever seen somebody so proud of their country, seen someone cheer a goal from his teammate like that. He’s my favourite German baller.  Also people, Boateng is the real leader in this squad, but I still feel that they lack someone with the experience of Lahm to be honest.
Well Northern Ireland is just cult goals to be fair. Every single player is in my book a cultplayer and I can’t really pick one out that I love more than someone else, but did you see McGovern yesterday?! 54 touches in one game, absolute belter of a keeper. Had to concede one, but great goalkeeping that. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT. THEY ARE BLOODY THROUGH !

Ukraine – Poland

Oh I hate the fact that there are two games at the same time. I mean come on, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH GAMES THEN?! So I put this on my laptop and I didn’t put too many attention to this game. Because well, UKRAINE ARE SHIT MATE. They are truly shit and it was no surprise that Ukraine did win in the end. Blaszczykowski scored (WHAT A BEAUT) and the only reason he won’t getting trending on twitter, is because no one can spell his name properly. I had to google it, because just look at it.
Poland do have some ballers up front, but the main man Lewandowski couldn’t deliver once more. Really mate, you are tucking in 5 in less than 15 minutes at Bayern, but you can’t put one in the onionsack in front of an open goal? ANTI-TEKKERS pal.

Croatia – Spain

Okay first and foremost. I don’t like the Spanish, they barred our claim to glory in 2010. They overdo it with the passing and I bloody hate the mentality of the fans. BUT I cheered them on because I had a bet and yeah, judge me. I don’t care.
It started pretty well with the goal and the chances and I thought they were going to annihilate Croatia. Then the 1-1 fell and it was all armageddon. I WAS MADDDD. Man I was so mad, I couldn’t even tweet about it. Spain Euro winners 2008,2012, World champion in 2010. But they were really poor mate. Everyone is gassed about Iniesta, but he is the only one and he is getting old. Nah, this Spain isn’t going place and I think italy will batter them. Pants downs, naked butt, full frontal spanking mate. THEY ARE GONE FAM.
Croatia has a few proper ballers; Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic, Srna, Perisic. And they play attractive football. But I can’t wait to see them playing someone good, because Spain in all fairness. Is done.

Czechia – Turkey

These two teams finished above us in the quali’s. Got 1 and 0 points at the start of the game. MAD. I was most distrought by Turkey, because I think they have a decent squad. But in fact mate, I only got one word for their performances in the first two matches; ABYSMAL. When you have ARDA TURAN, CALHANOGLU AND YILMAZ you simply have to win matches mate. But they didn’t. Still I  put a bet on them to win, because NEVER rule out a fanatic country and my word they delivered yesterday. I was really excited mate, $$$$$$$$$$. But however this how I also feel about it:

Czechia on the other hand were not performing at all this game Shame, shame, shame. But I’m not going to miss them the rest of the tournament. If you don’t play rosicki together with plasil, mate you are gone.

Cult player of the day was definitely Müller. Couldn’t score unfortunately, hit the post and the crossbar. BUT THE WORK EFFORT MATE. THE DESIRE. WANTING TO WIN EVERYTHING. That German face, it’s golden. And just look at his face after giving Gomes the assist. There were scenes in my house. ABSOLUTE SCENES.

I also started a youtube series about football, euro2016 and cultplayers. Watch here:

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  1. juni 22, 2016 / 9:29 am

    Omg pal I wrote a proper essay of a blog comment and it didnt save!! It went somewhere along the lines of: thanks for the mention, you Euro tweeter of the century, boo spain, yay Crotia, boo Croatia fans, R.I.P men in orange you are missed

    Football on at the same time is boo, I can watch more football from next week, boo work


  2. juni 22, 2016 / 4:50 pm

    Thanks for the comment! Now I want to know what your essay said! Sure your blog is awesome and we have some great football convo's recently!

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