Groundhop stories: Austria Wien – Rapid Wien (0-3)

What’s a better way than to spend Valentine’s day with your mates abroad watching football. Right! Exactly! We had a ladsweekend in Vienna and of course the main event was the football match. Not any given match though, it was the ‘Wiener’ derby. This has always been an intense rivalry between the two biggest clubs of the country. It’s the clash between the bourgeouisie and the working class people. Austria vs. Rapid. Man I was gassed!

The night before we went to a local ‘Schnitzelchateau’, my word it was great. I really ate my belly full. In the picture above you can see what I ate. No joke, this was quite the struggle. But the atmosphere at the place was great, to a certain point that is. At the end we all wanted to go to the toilet and then we saw something what caught us of our guards: Ultras from Rapid Wien. Not too keen on foreigners going to the game. They associated us with Austria Wien fans.
We actually got tickets for the home team, Austria. But what we didn’t know, was that the restaurant was located in the area that consisted of Rapid Wien fans. We found at the hard way. Well not the hard way, but definitely not the easy way to be honest. They started to confront us and asking us about our business, but luckily for us we do speak German and we gave them an satisfying answer. Phew! But mate, this felt great afterwards. The adrenaline was pumping through my body and I was super excited for the the day after.

We took the subway to the stadium and everyone was proper excited. We got our tickets sorted and this was a BIG match. Not only are these the biggest rivals in Austria – compare this game to Burnley – Blackburn Rovers, Manchester Derby, Spurs – Arsenal. IT’S INTENSE MATE – but the first place was up for grabs for the victor of this match.

Proper VIP Entrance innit? Well here’s a fun story for you. One of my mates was ill. He had a massive hangover that is. But a lot more than just a headache, so we could feel sorry for him though. But he just need a painkiller, so we asked the stewards. We got a very angry ‘ NEIN ‘ and we tried the medics and they said they couldn’t give us one, because of drug abuse? I mean come on, our friend was sick! But no he didn’t get anything. We got into the bar and just chilled out there for a bit and after that we got into the stadium.

The game itself was quite poor to be honest. 0-3 for Rapid Wien.  It wasn’t the game you think you would expect when the #2 and #3 are facing each other to be honest. Considering the intense rivalry between the clubs I definitely expected more of it. Rapid were very sharp in counterattacks and that was vital in their game. They managed to get a very comfortable win in the end.

I didn’t enjoy the game that much, but watching the fans displaying their support was absolutely fantastic!  Got to give it to both fans, it was absolutely amazing.

FK Austria Wien – Rapid Wien 0-3
Generali Arena
Att: 10.590

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know what you find of it!



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