Keep Buggering On (KBO)

Thoughts racing through my mind
Taking me everywhere mankind hasn’t been
Leaving in this void, empty and hollow place
I feel numb and yet I feel an urge of wanting
Wanting to belong, longing for something
That cannot be
My being reflects the music of Chopin

Present and yet not present
Everything seems fine on the outside, but
My actions and thoughts speak
Just as the keys on the piano as Chopin intended
They speak only one language
A language no one wants to hear or speak
Including me, but this how I am
How I feel.
The language that wants to say to the world:
I’m not okay, I’m unhappy.

Understanding is a word to many
An urge to a few, but I need you to understand
As I walk down this lonely road of worries, anxieties and negativity
I tell myself comforting and worrying things at the same time
Caught in one little sentence, four words
Keep Buggering On, Marc


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