Run outfit!

Well well well! It has been a time talking about clothes or lifestyle, hasn’t it? I’m a bit ill at the moment, but I’d like to talk to you guys about the moments that I do run. It’s not something I do every other day or that I have a marathon to train for, but sometimes it’s just so liberating!

This outfit is from the colder day this earlier this year and I would like to share it with you. I’m no regular runner as you can see from my outfit, but these clothes are so comfy. It would be a crime to not wear them to be honest.

1. The shoes are from Nike and are from the Nike Run series.
2. The jogging pants are from football club VVV-Venlo and are made by Masita
3. T-shirt is by Nike and features the Livestrong logo (About this matter I will write a blogpost, I        know it’s a bit controversial)
4. The hoody is from a english non-league football club Fisher FC
5. iPod classic 160 GB with my run music
6. Apple watch for easily acces to my run information and so on.
7. Dry-fit cap by the North Face


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