The Power of Will Grigg

This friday feels about grey doesn’t it? I mean this is not ideal, or at least in my opinion. Obviously I’m talking about Brexit, but perhaps even more about the dividing spirit that has not only taking over households, schools, workplaces and society in Britain. It has spread to the continent and I personally think we should think about unifying thought as well.

So here’s my little corner of the internet, talking a bit about EURO2016 and the togetherness of Will Grigg. 

To be honest, I followed Wigan Athletic I bit more closely this because of one person and it’s not who you think it is. It was Yanic Wildschut who has previously played for my hometown club VVV-Venlo. As I embarked on this journey to the title in League One, I realised that Will Grigg was playing very well, mate he was on fire. (Nice little reference there)  I really enjoyed watching him play and I’ve mentioned it a few times, but no one really took notice. I do understand that because, well let’s admit it. I’m really a nutjob to be honest, I like the most weird players and not necessarily because of their star quality.

When I first saw the video, I thought wow what in the world is this. Like, mate are you fucking about? But when I heard it in the stands, well I talk a lot about scenes or absolute scenes. But this was just. No words. Not going to lie, I’m easily excited by supporters chants and actions. But goosebumps! My hair were up like a mad thing.

The video was shared all over social media and everyone heard about the chant about Will Grigg. In no time people all over Britain and Europe were aware about this song written in folklore. I was really a very annoying person. Pushing everyone to see this video. I mean EVERYONE MATE. It was getting out of hand to be honest and I thought it would die as quickly as it had emerged. I couldn’t be more wrong.

On the 28th of May, Will Grigg scored his first goal for Northern-Ireland and the hype now really started. It became global. The Northern-Irish fans were becoming more and more famous because of it. Will Grigg has become the symbol of a nation, a national treasure and the chant becomes the Northern-Irish anthem.

There was made a song who entered the top-10 in no time in the UK. Everyone was partying to that the song and the Euros hadn’t even started. I don’t even know what the official anthem of the euros is to be honest. But I know this.

Not only Northern Ireland sings this song, everyone does sing this song. In the stadiums, in the fanzones, in bars, in pubs, in France, In England. Everywhere you go, everywhere you find football fans, you hear this song. It’s so catchy and does bring people together. If that song sets in, everyone drops his or hers rivalry and just starts to party. Only positive vibes and that’s what I’ve cherished so much throughout the tournament.

Will Grigg’s the most talked about player on the tournament, the most sung about, the player everyone wants to see. But he hasn’t played a minute. I love the fact all Europe can unite over a simple little chant and over a player who is in all honesty no Golden boot contender. It gives me hope for this time. This time of hatred and scaremongering in the world. It gives me hope that we will get through.

Hope you are all wel and remember; Will Grigg’s on fire!


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