All the Food in Krakow: part 1!

*Disclaimer: I’m no food or travel blogger. But still going to blog about it. Mad INNIT*

Put on your helmets, fasten your seatbelts, prepare to be in a HANGRY state, because I’m blogging about all the food! Well to be honest, not all the food. This is a selection of the delicious things I had in Krakow and I felt I should you lot know. D’ya know what I mean? (Definitely an Oasis reference). I’m all about food to be honest. I’m not an expert, I just like it haha.

I’m on holiday with my friends, right. 8 male figures. No knowledge whatsoever of the cuisine and we just walked into the old city centre with no plan. Absolute anarchy. Outside the restaurants people from the restaurants tried to lure you in and obviously looking like tourists, we were approached within seconds. So one of my friends picked out one to talk with and yes she was gorgeous, I have to admit that. BUT I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY FRIENDS WANTED TO GO TO A RESTAURANT BECAUSE THE WAITRESS WAS GORGEOUS.

To be fair, the restaurant was pretty decent and was very Polish. I have no idea what that means, but since we were in Poland and it looked like something that was typical for that area, I’m going with Polish.
The first things what stands out when receiving the menu card are the prices. It’s in the local currency which makes it look expensive, but it isn’t. €1 = 4,425 Slothi or something like that! So bloody cheap. I wanted to order something from the menu that was typical Polish, so I went with the Pierogi. It wasn’t the typical Pierogi, this one was deepfried and was stuffed with Duckmeat. Oh my jesus, I could go die happy now.

The spareribs are definitely typical Polish, I know that. But oh my days mates, it was so delicious.The meat just fell of the bone and it almost melted in your mouth and I was like: instant heaven. I had that content smuck on my face and I was not mad at it. And look at that desert. Just look at that little slice of heaven right there. Hot apple pie served with Vanilla icecream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and raspberries. Heaven.
So, breakfast. That was something else to be honest. We went out for breakfast every morning, but at the places we got to, they didn’t serve proper breakfast most of the times. It was the lunch menu or just the dinner menu haha. But still it was all good and I managed to stuff enough food in my face. So who’s winning?

So I know, I know. I’m a savage for ordering a full English in an other country, but I was feeling like it! And to be honest, it was nothing like an English breakfast. It were all local products and prepared locally, so it didn’t taste like English at all. (Bar the beans)

Well Pizza in the morning, don’t have an excuse to be honest. Well at least I have tea right? Always Tea, innit. Tea is life.

Well that’s all folks! No, don’t worry I have a second and third part coming up! Let me know what you think of these kind of blogposts!

Hope you all have a smashing weekend!


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