Did you know I wrote a book?

Him again? Yes, I’m sorry. But the words just seem to flow out and I have to put them on paper or screen. I mean like you have something better to do, right? It’s Sunday and whilst debating with myself whether I should write a personal post, I had a bit of an epiphany to be honest. I was just looking around my bookshelf full of football books and there it was, my own book. So let me tell you a few things about the book I’ve written.

My 2,5 year anniversary is coming up. 2,5 years ago I published my book after a combination of my study, interest in shakespeare and FOOTBALL lead me to this awesome project. It all started with seeing a game of West Ham United & being intrigued by the crest and the meaning of it. I decided to put more research into it and one thing lead to another. I was hooked on the English Football Leagues already, but this made me addicted. I wanted to become an expert.

So what’s this book all about it then, eh? I realised I was interested in more than just the games or the players. As a historian I wanted to know more about the history, their crest, their nickname, the symbolism. So I decided to research all 92 professional football clubs in England and make a book out of it. The different elements spoken about are:

– Symbolism
– The influence of royal kings
– The influence of Shakespeare
– Regionalism and nationalism
– Derbies
– Nicknames
– History
– Documentaries, films & books

I’m planning to translate a few pages or a few elements out of my book, so I can show you all what it’s really about. If it all goes well, I may decide to translate it as a whole and publish it in English. Who knows what the future will bring!

What do you think, would you want to read about the symbolism, history and nicknames of your club?


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