I hate buying shorts


Okay, as you have probably read above, this is a fashion post. Well I’m not a fashion blogger and this is not a real attempt to talk about fashion to be honest. Let’s talk my frustration about a certain clothing piece. A certain piece that really gets on my nerves man. (Last sentence has to be read in a Liam Gallagher Mancunian). It’s something I can’t go around, because it’s summer. Yes, I’m talking about something called ‘Shorts’
So yeah I hate them and I probably hate buying them more. That’s mainly the reason why I hate them. Okay. Take a breath Marc (and whoever you are and whereever you are, take a breath, deep breath). As most fashionlovers – yeah I said that – buying clothes is what I do quite often. Far too often. Always end up in bit of a little shortage money-wise.

My favourite season is the winter. I love good sweaters and jeans. Different layers of clothes. T-shirt, Shirt, Hoody vest. LOVE IT. That’s probably also the sole reason why I love winter actually, the comfort of warm clothes and wintercoats. Call me a madman – which I am – but I love me some winterclothes.

Although ‘Winter is Coming’ – insert GoT joke right here – it’s time for short sleeves and shorts. I don’t mind wearing summer shirts, polo shirts or t-shirts. Nah, not at all. The thing is, I don’t value it as much as winterclothes and that is why I don’t want to spend the money on it. While tops can be worn basically all year, shorts are a real season depending clothing item. It’s something you need when it’s humid and warm as hell outside.

This leaves me with the little crisis I got. I hadn’t bought any shorts for 4 years. 4 flipping bleeding years. I just couldn’t be arsed spending the money on something so temporal. But as the years have passed and my legs, ass and belly got bigger, I only fit in one. Well that’s not completely true. One fits perfectly and one fits. That’s not enough for the summer.

Second problem is that I wear my jogging shorts all the time. I don’t think it’s a problem lads and lassies! I’m feeling extremely comfortable, but somehow society judges me and I understand it. BUT THEY ARE SO COMFY MATE.

That left me with the assignment of buying new ones and I literally searched 4 big places in the Netherlands. Why are these shorts so fucking expensive? 80,- for shorts? My jeans cost that, shorts are half the length. I don’t get it.
They were either to expensive, ugly or just didn’t fit with my big ass.

This is more a little rant than it’s a fashion post. But whatever work right. It’s really frustrating and I’m going on holiday to Krakow in two days, so yeah. There’s that. Whatever. I will manage right?

What brands do you recommend for shorts or summer clothing?


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