Motivation Rendez-Vous!

It’s Monday! Usually that means I’m not very productive and given the fact that my anxieties have taken over the last few weeks, I didn’t expect today to be a motivated Monday to be honest. BUT I have woken up in such a good vibe, it’s so amazing to feel productive, creative and motivated once again. I just had to share my slight change in mood with you guys, positivity has been lacking on this blog.
I have to admit the anxieties are still very present and they haven’t changed. Also the sadness continues to haunt me and my life, but one thing has made it even worse the last few weeks and that is the lack of creativity. And on this bloody Monday morning, I have found the creativity to be alive and kicking.

I’ve tried to push myself to be more creative, productive or motivated. I’ve put effort into my bulletjournal, but it just would’t help. I thought I was a real lost case, because being creative is one of my strongholds. It’s one of the things that keeps me alive and gets me through to be honest.
I’m happy to say I’ve felt so creative today and I’m pretty productive too.

So how does this productivity manifest itself? Well at the time of writing this I’ve have done several things:
1. Written a chapter on my novel
2. Translated an essay
3. Written two chapters of my football groundhop book
4. Edited a youtube video
5. Made plans for a youtube to film later on this day
6. Made a July playlist

That’s not too bad, is it? I’m very proud of myself to have done this all, given the way I’m feeling. I’m not less sad or anxious, but I feel like I can do things and concentrate. It might even prove a distraction. I’m off for some tea and to continue being awesome today.

Have a great week!


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