Speaking English as a second language


As you all know and even if you don’t know, I’m Dutch. I live in the Netherlands (No, not Holland.) and I’d like to say I’m invested in the UK. I genuinely love the UK and most of the people in it actually. I’ve family there and I love the football over there. I drink tea a lot and I am fond of the British culture; It’s safe to say that I am a Anglophile.

I feel confident enough to say my English is good. It’s not perfect as you might have read, but it’s good. I think haha. Mastering a language is divided into several aspects and today I want to talk about the aspect that I think I have to improve: Speaking

I think speaking English is one of the most difficult things to master. At school you are taught to speak ‘BBC-English’ or the ‘Queens-English’. Also known as Received Pronunciation or High Receiver Pronunciation. When going to England with an uncle living in Birmingham and a Welsh grandfather who had lived in Liverpool as well, you quite quickly get the remark of talking posh. And if there’s one thing I am absolutely not: It’s being posh.

I started to question the accents I learnt at school. I always have watched English and British tv. In fact, my mother made us watch BBC when we grew up, instead of Dutch TV. Resulting in many arguments with my childhood friends about Postman Pat (Like yeah ‘Pieter Post’ is a proper name?)
Anyway, I’m drifting again. Accents mate. I have seen so many series and films made in the UK, that I’ve heard a lot of accents and that fucked my accent probably.

If you have seen my youtube videos or have talked with me in English, you probably have noticed my accent is all over the place. It’s because I interact with people from different places in the UK. Wales, Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Glasgow, Newcastle, Hull, Norfolk, Manchester, Liverpool. Coventry and many more. I love talking to all those people, but my accent is really a multi-cultural thing I believe. Well, I’ve been told many times by my sister. In two sentences I use a combined yorkshire and geordie, accent. I know, I’m that wanker.

One thing I can say. It’s that my Dutch accents is barely there, hopefully non-existent. At the moment I’m just figuring out to speak proper English with one accent. I don’t mind if I’m going to Newcastle in October and I’ll be talking like that accent, because I adjust to it. (Hello, adjusting is what we Dutch are all about!) As long as I do it consistent.

This video made me realise that I do know a lot of different accents already and that I adjust to the region I’m into or the persons I talk to. (I know they aren’t all completely accurate, but you get the general idea right?)  I’m quite proud actually. Maybe I get a lot of reactions of disgust, but yeah judge me if you like. Mock me.

I really do enjoy accents and I hope my speaking English will improve over the next period to come.


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