25 Things you should know when you visit a football match with me

*My perfect Valentinesday: Austria Wien – Rapid Wien 14/02/2016*

One of my hobbies is visiting football matches. All over the world, professional or on the amateur level. I don’t care, I love football. I’m obsessed, I’m passionate. I’m a fanatic and I’m addicted. I love the art of groundhopping. A lot of people ask me to take them with me or go together to a certain game or country to see a match. Fair enough, everyone should enjoy this beautiful thing called football. But in my experience, they are always a bit struck by lightening when seeing those games with me. So here’s a list of things you ought to know when watching football with yours truly.

  1. Come Matchday, there’s nothing more important than football. I will talk football all day. Politics is football related, history, food, shops, literally everything.
  2. Football is so much more than 90 minutes, FOOTBALL IS WAR. It is a science. 
  3. I will quote famous football, managers and pundits all day long. TAKE A BOW SON, TAKE A BOW
  4. I have love for the old game. Against modern football. Give me the old days fam.
  5. Food is essential. I will eat at a pub, at the game and after. I must have the local football speciality. God I want a pie right now. Also the food is miserable, but that makes the atmosphere perfect. Half cold burgers with a cup of weak tea. Imagine the scenes 
  6. I want to walk to the stadium, I don’t care how long. I want to taste the tension in the city. I want to see the colours, flags. But I hate full kit wankers.
  7. I always buy a scarf or hat. Or a shirt. Or all of the previous.
  8. I want to be in the stadium 30 minutes for K.O. I want to bring in the stadium, the fans, the atmosphere. I want to support the team I support and I want to hate the others. Yes, I’m that intense. I take sides, I join in the wins and in the losses. 
  9. I swear during a game. A lot. In the language and accent where I am.
  10. I research a lot about rivalries, banter and songs. I get a kick out of it. I want to know stuff, be able to participate in conversations. I want the full bloody experience mates.
  11. I love a good derby rivalry. Nothing more than the intense tension and hate on matchday. Obviously non-violent
  12. Awaydays are the best.
  13. Footballmusic playlist all day before the match. Preferably some good drunken lullabies too.
  14. I wear Fred Perry and Adidas originals to matchdays. I have Northface coats, but no Stone Island or CP Company. Don’t worry, I’m not a hooligan.
  15. I love ultras and fireworks at stadiums. I want the full tension. Flares. Flags. Banners. Songs. Emotions. Tears. Screams. Smiles. Devastation.
  16. I shout at everything and will occassionaly jump for excitement
  17. I’ll be in love with almost every club I visit. 
  18. I love full English breakfasts. And curry. 
  19. I want to talk with as many fans as possible, really get soaked into it.
  20. I always want a picture of me in a full stadium. Good angle, with  the fans if possible or with a good friend.
  21. I hate watching games where the football is good, but the atmosphere is bad. If I had to choose between the Devon Derby (Plymouth – Exeter) and El Classico, it’s the devon derby anytime mate.
  22. I hate losing. I’m distraught. Take it easy on me after that. Comfort me. I will be a very emotional lad.
  23. I will love players who have a certain cult status, but are not that good. 
  24. I will definitely make comparisons with other matches I’ve been through. ‘This reminds me off singing that Voldemort song about Shelvey.’
  25. Matchtickets are holy. Don’t fold them fam. 
Do you like football? What are you ‘rituals’ when going to a game?



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  1. september 18, 2016 / 11:11 am

    There's nothing better than walking to a stadium on a matchday, whether it's a match at Wembley or at your local ground, always such a good atmosphere!

    Great post chicken!

    Beverley xx

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