A Special Friend!

You might think, what’s this all about then Marc? Well let me tell you. Blogging has made some great opportunities for and one of those I really think is awesome, is that I made some really good friends. Today I wanted to highlight a very good friend of mine, who has not only been a great funny individual on her twitter, but also a really good blogger and above all a fantastic friend: Sophie from Petals of Perfection.
When I first ‘met’ Sophie online, I was rather shocked she followed me back. Because she has a larger amount of followers (4,7k) and looking at her blog, I though WOW. She’s a beauty blogger and that might not be directly the link you would make between my blog and hers. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about blogging, is that you can learn from everyone and every blog. And her blog has taught me quite some things and I’m very grateful for that!

I’d like to take this post as a way of saying thank you and to let others now, it’s okay be very proud of your friends. I’m very proud of Sophie and I will tell you why in a bit. But the most important thing I also want to say is the following. I made a great friend and no matter if it is a female or male, I’m very lucky and I would like to express that. So that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Positivity is good and being supportive is too. If someone would ask me, how would you describe Sophie? Only using words, no sentences. The words that would come to my mind would be:

  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Beautiful
  • Pretty
  • Intelligent
  • Resourceful
  • Strong
  • Interesting
  • Entertaining
  • Funny
  • Witty
  • Friend
  • Honest
  • Respectful
She’s the most kindest of spirits I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s always so kind, caring and loving when I’m going to a difficult time and she always tries to help me whenever she can. Even when she’s not feeling or is busy, she tries to find time to talk to me. To me that’s a quality of a really good and someone I should and will cherish.

I think it’s pretty easy to start talking to people online, but it’s also quite easy to let it all fade away. Interest does fade away and to find someone who is so inspiring, interesting and awesome. Well that’s like winning the lottery in my opinion. Sophie is that friend that always is able to learn me things, is always able to tell me stuff I didn’t know and that is so important if you ask me. There’s literally no dull moment and we haven’t even met. We live in different countries and that adds to the interesting conversations, but if you can talk about the so called sharebags for over 20 minutes, you know it is a keeper!

But in all seriousness I think she’s the strongest person I know and she knows that, but I’m just going to say it again. You are the strongest person I know! Every road you take, every rock that crossed your path, every struggle, every trial. You have the power, the strength and the will within you, to overcome all that and to flourish into this beautiful flower you are and will be. You are strength personified and I would like to thank everyone who has shaped you to be this fantastic woman you are now.

One’s strength is not measured in muscles
lifting or physicality
It’s not in what you appear to be
Or what other think you are
strength is measured in endurance
Patience, will, speech
and actions.
All of these qualities
Will be found in you
Like how Zeus’s lightening
Split up the good from evil
As strong are you
What makes you strong
Is the will to go on
Not give up
Shine on you diamond

You are beautiful. You are truly beautiful. You are unique and not like a mainstream beauty. You are beautiful inside and outside. You smile draws everyone near and every guy should thank god on his knees, to know you. And those eyes, speak tales of mystery, compassion, personality and dreams. They all do attest of your fantastic, warm and loving personality.

I can honestly say that you have given me more and more confidence. I’m so grateful for that and that is something that was hard to come by. From the moment you donated blood, we started to talk more and more, started to get to know each other. You are so unbelievably kind, it’s not the kindness that comes natural. It’s pure, genuine and not corrupted. It’s so innocent that it made me so at ease talking to you from the beginning.

You are funny, you make me laugh with your tweets, your witty puns, the times you fool me in thinking ridiculous things and together we can laugh about anything. That’s something that really is a stronghold in our friendship. You are blessed with everything good that is created under the sun and I am touched with your presence, which makes my life more complete.

You are such an intelligent young woman and maybe you don’t realise that, but everything we talk about, everything we debate or disagree about. You always try to understand my point of view and that is both respectful as admirable. I’ve learnt something about your ambitions in life and that’s so awesome. Everything falls into place. You are so bright, loving and talented. You can truly achieve anything in this world, if you set your mind on it.

As people may know from reading my blog, I’m currently struggling a lot with my mental health. I’m really luck to have found a friend, who not only understand my struggles, but also is very supportive of what I do and is there for me no matter what. Being there for each other doesn’t mean that you have to be pleasing to each other all the time, but being blunt from time to time is needed. And well appreciated.

This is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for being one of the kindest souls alive in this dark time. Thank you for caring for my little struggles. Thank you for being there. Thank you for making my life more complete. Thank you making me laugh and smile. Thank you for the friend I only could wish for. Thank you being you Sophie. I’m so incredibly proud of you. Of your strengths, your actions, your thoughts and your kindness.

I promise you that’ll be your friend today, tomorrow and in the future. You have me to rely on. Lot of hugs for you.

Also obviously, you should follow her on every social media possible. Because fam, your life will improve and inspiration will fall upon you all. 100% guarantee.

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FYI the compliment I’m most proud of giving her is that she looks like a very beautiful Blofeld (She had an awesome picture with her cat).

I think we should remind the persons we care about from time to time. Why we care about them and what makes them special to us. Because everyone is special and unique, sometimes it’s good to let them now and give them that million pound smile of their lifetime!


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