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Football is my number one obsession. It’s no secret for those who follow me on twitter and instagram. I’m not your typical football fan, I don’t care too much about the game played actually. I don’t care about the number of passes or if the combinations are well done. Of course I rate that, but for me the feeling of being in a stadium, hear the chants, taste the medium done pies and the tension of a fierce rivalry is more important. But the big money has created a movement where this tradition, this passion, this enthusiasm, this pure love for the game is passing. And I’m against that modern football.

This time – I will probably talk about this loads – is about some fan or supporter projects I have supported throughout the years and still do. These are project which in my eyes not only want to fight against the modern football, but also do that in a way that unites a big group of supporters. Not only of their own club, but it unites fans across the country and the world. I think that’s absolutely brilliant.

I made a choice to talk about three projects today, because otherwise it would be as thick as the bible and I think you lot don’t have time to read all of that, now have you? Be warned, this is all my opinion and I guess some people will get mad at me for supporting more than one club’s project. But for me, it’s the picture of football globally that has to maintain it’s charm. So that’s why.

Sheffield FC
I’m a history geek and for me there’s nothing more beautiful than combining that with football. Researching into the oldest Leagueclub, I found the oldest football club in the world: Sheffield FC. No I don’t mean Sheffield United or the Sheffield Wednesday, but I mean Sheffield Football Club. The club was founded in 1857 (!).  They were crowdfunding for a new pitch and it just looked great organised and a lot of people contributed. So I donated 20 quid and I received a membership for life and some additional stuff too. I don’t care about the stuff I get, but it’s a token of affection from one football lover to another. This gem of football should never be forgotten and I’m glad they could build their new pitch.

Coventry City
After 106 years of playing on Highfield Road, Coventry City moved to the Ricoh Arena in 2005. The League One club had troubles with the owners of the stadium in 2013, which left them no other choice than to move to Northampton, to play their games at the Sixfields. A roundtrip of 68 miles for the fans from Coventry, who had to play in another city to see their city. An absolute disgrace. The dispute was solved in september 2014 and the club has played at the Ricoh Arena ever since, but before that time I purchased a wristband that says: Keep coventry in coventry. The earnings from that went into the Skyblue trust. I thought that was pretty good thing to do, because every fan deserves to see their team play in their hometown, at a decent price.

Hull CityI guess we all know about the situation Hull’s in at the moment. The owners took over the club and did absolutely terrible things with it and they intended to do more. How do you even think of calling a football club Hull’s Tigers? D’ya know what I mean? That’s some next level fuck all stuff, right there. Well I joined No to Hull Tigers/ City till we die, to show my solidarity with the cause. The black wristband and a scarf I got as a present of joining them.
The FA rejected the name change and thank god for that, but the owners are still messing about with the club and to this day they are really pissing the people off. It’s so bad that the fans don’t go to matches and they just got promoted to the premier league! I will keep supporting the cause of the fans, because AMF; against modern football!

What do you think of the business football has become? Do you like it? Or do you long for the ‘old’ days as much as me? Let me know!



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