Bugger All’s 10 Bloody Brilliant Blogs to follow!

Well this is me in a stadium. A city called Berlin, quite a famous city I’ve been told. Also Hertha Berlin can play ball. I dunno, I’m not into football at all. I’m really funny.
Hello lads and lassies, despite feeling like the way I do, I think it’s important to enjoy the little things in life as much as possible. One of the things I truly enjoy is reading blogs and making people smile. I thought that I should share some of the most inspirational blogs on the internet, because you all deserve that kind of awesomeness in your life!

These blogs are basically my inspiration on very different aspects of blogging to be honest. Each blog has its unique personality, own style of writing and different perception of life. Yet, they have all inspired me to a certain degree, inspired me write about certain topics. I’m really grateful for that and I will give you a little insight into the wonderful world of my favourite blogs at the moment!

Petals of Perfection

Sophie from Petals of Perfection is one my best friends. Seriously she’s such a wonderful person, but if you want to know more about that I suggest you read this post! Sophie is a beauty blogger and you might think; Well Marc, is there something you have to tell us? No, I’m not in to beauty products, but I do think Sophie has a an excellent way of describing and writing about it. But she doesn’t write only about beauty, she also has different posts on other products and her personal experiences. I think when writing about personal experiences you get a look into the soul of people, see the honesty of people and that’s what she did so well. Two of my favourite posts are about the time she donated blood and when she talks about her struggles with her mental heath. Definitely go give it a read!

Taking a break/ Life Update


Sara’s Chapters

Let me introduce you to one of the brightest and genuinely kind blogger on this planet: Sara. She writes about the things she thinks about or think is important. And may I add, she does that on a brilliant way. She’s 18 and has already written a book, which I’ve been very fortunate to read already. The positivity in her always come to the surface and she wants to motivate and inspire people with her posts and she does. I consider her a personal friend and the way she writes, really is proof of a great writer to be. She has a special way with words and the most beautiful fruit of that is definitely her poem she published on her blog a while back.

Also what I really have to tell you about is a blogpost she wrote about how to deal with mental illnesses as a non-sufferer. It’s a very honest and good read. I’m very proud of her.

Talking Mental Illness as a non-sufferer
What’s beauty?


Erin Charlotte

Erin is a blogger I’ve followed for quite some while now and I haven’t spoken to her, but her blog is just perfect.  Although I don’t know her, I’ve been told she’s amazing by Rachel and she genuinely seems like a fantastic person. The way she writes and has her way with words, is just so pleasing and admirable. She uses a lot of different words and to me that’s the sign of a brilliant writer. Unlike me, she doesn’t choose the same words over and over again. By doing that she keeps the reader interested and prolongs the excitement of her posts.
But perhaps the sole reason I would like to talk to her, is the talent she has for poetry. When I read the blogpost about a poem, I just shed a tear. It was and still is so beautiful and I’ve read it a few times since my first read. I’m very glad I’ve come across this blog.

Bittersweet – A poem


Rachel Rambling on

On to the most friendliest, enthusiastic and supportive blogger Rachel from Rachel Rambling on! Her blog is variety of lovely and interesting things. She writes about mental health, music, food, vegan lifestyle, body positivity and feminism. Everything she writes is so well written and has a personal touch. If you read her blogposts you have the feeling she wrote them for everyone to understand, but also to educate people. It’s a nice mix of academical knowledge and chatty-ness. (definitely not a word, I know.)
I really admire her poetry as it’s metaphorical, deep yet understandable, playful with words, emotional and educational. I suggest you just look at it all and soak it in. She’s always very kind and she will always try to see the positive things about other’s blogposts!

Dream Big
Poetry to me at sixteen


Thrifty Vintage Fashion

I recently started blogging about my mental health more. Being more open about how I feel with suffering from Anxiety and Depression. When writing about these things, one person in particular and that’s Nicole from Thrifty Vintage Fashion. She writes about other things as well, but I found the mental health post so inspiring, genuine and honest. I’m so grateful for finding Nicole’s blog and it’s really adding to the movement to break the stigma around mental health. People like Nicole really make a difference and the way she writes about it is so awesome. Thank you Nicole for sharing these beautifully written, but serious blogposts with us.
She’s seriously kind and supportive, so give her some love!

9 Lies my OCD tells me



When I started blogging there were two female bloggers I really thought wow,  very awesome and unique person who were very nice to me on twitter. When I saw their blogs I was filled with joy and excitement, because of their content. One of them was Chloe from Mojichlo. Can we just take a minute for the awesome blog name, it’s catchy and will never leave your mind. Seriously it won’t. Just like her personality her blog is very unique, authentic and awesome. It’s got its own voice, style, incredibly funny at times and I rate that very much. It’s a creative and lifestyle blog, boy there is nothing lied about that! She has her own company which is bloody brilliant, I wrote something about it too. Check it out here.
Whatever you do today, tomorrow or every other day of your life, this blog will change your life for the better.

The Rules of Rush Hour Driving
Graduating.. 1 year on



The other brilliant blogger is Vanessa from Wanderness. She’s my mate, my pal. And intelligent AF. It’s the truth fam, she is really bright and perhaps the best travelblogger I’ve come across. She really puts effort in the blogposts, the photo’s and the words. She has a nice mix of information, entertainment and motivation in these posts. You could practically envision being at the places she has been or want to go there. She’s probably the sole reason why I want to start travels again and well, she did a bloody good job.
Also if you are into history and politics, do follow her on twitter too. She is the best person to have a conversation/discussion with and she uncommonly kind too.

Discovering Maastricht
No Bullshit tips for surviving long haul flights


Wide-eyed Wanderer

On to another awesome travelblogger; Ella from the Wide-Eyed Wanderer. Her blog is so unique both in travels and in other topics. What I like about her blog is that’s she honest about travel. It’s not all sunshine, but there are also a few less exciting or fun things about it sometimes. The honesty she portrays on her blog is admirable and makes the blog blossom. Her photo essays are something I can’t get enough of, they are just bloody brilliant.  I haven’t followed this blog for a long time, but I will definitely do that because she’s honestly the most interesting person! Give her some some love peeps! Also go follow her on her social media!

Photo Essay Eilat, Israel
5 great travel movies to satisfy your wanderlust


Northern Blood

Of course I have some lads I follow too and find inspiring! Joe from Northern Blood is probably the first male lifestyle blog I followed and I’m so glad when I did. Especially his posts about music and films/series are really good and are so inspiring. His posts haven given me an idea what it’s to be a male blogger and how we are different from female bloggers. But also how bloggers are bloggers and we can do the same things. I suggest that every blogger follows this blog and I you will not be disappointed, 100% guaranteed! Also instagram goals fam!

12 questions stranger things needs to answer
10 reasons yorkshire is bae


Rich Biscuit

If there is a man out there that has learnt me a lot about dealing with mental health and being honest with my feelings; it’s Rich from Rich Biscuit. He’s one the most caring, loving and awesome male figures of twitter and his blog is really well written. He writes about mental health and his stories are inspiring, motivational. But they also are brutally honest and encourages other mental health sufferers to be honest to themselves as well. Thank you for sharing Rich, you are really an awesome dude!

Why I will never give up


I hope you all go have a look at these awesome people, they all deserve it! Thank you for reading as always and have a fantastic day!


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    Thank you so much for the mention & the sweet words Marc! Compliments on my writing mean so much to me & you've always been incredibly supportive 🙂 I'm so glad you like my little blog (and me as a person haha) x


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    Aww thank you so much for including me in this list! 🙂 I feel so honored and I always appreciate your support. It's definitely mutual because, as I'm sure you must know by now haha, I adore your blog! But I'll keep saying it until it's clear to you how much I love your blog haha 🙂 x

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