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Happy Monday(s)! (100 points if you were thinking about the band) And it’s a happy Monday indeed! What? Marc? Tell me. Well fam, today we celebrate a special day, it’s the birthday of someone who has the same crazy interest in football, politics, history and just plain old bad jokes. We celebrate the birth of Vanessa, the owner of the amazing Wanderness blog! Happy Birthday Vanessa, this is an ode to you and your blog!

Well for those who are wondering why I write this post, Vanessa wouldn’t let me get a present for her and yeah, I couldn’t let her having a birthday without some sort of ‘present’ right? Some of you may know here and for those who don’t; get your popcorn out, make yourself a cuppa. Because FAM, she’s legendary.

So I guess, Vanessa – or  awesomeNESS was one of the first bloggers that I talked with. Also one of the first bloggers that followed me back, so yeah. How could I not like her right? You know how it goes, you tweet each other about stuff and you get on, just regular tweeting. Then I discovered her youtube channel and this is reason 1 I thought she is the bomb, right. Her bookvideos are so flipping amazing, because there are so authentic and exactly the way she is. They really have an own style and voice, that’s where I thought, it would be a bloody shame if wouldn’t talk more.

This is one my favourite youtube videos from Wanderness:

From that point we just started talking. You know when you talk with someone and have that click, that connection about every bloody subject you are passionate about? People, do you realise how mad the scenes were when I met someone who could be literally gassed about football, politics, history, travel and books as I am? Well believe me, I was excited. Yknow, when you have those twisted, awkward as hell and slightly inappropiate thoughts? To afraid to speak till you find that person that not only tolerates those thoughts, but also joins in. Well lads and lassies, I found that pal.

I think friendship is a lot about understanding. Understanding each other, differences. Appreciating different situations and helping each other where needed or when you think it would benefit a relationship. I realised this with the whole political shock in the UK over the last few weeks, that I really value certain things about my friends, Ness in particular.

She genuine, very kind, very intelligent, very funny and is a real good pal. You don’t need many words when you understand each other, so that’s flipping fantastic. I’ve honestly learnt a lot from you and your way of life and it’s very interesting to learn from another perspective. So Ness, I’m glad we’ve met!

ALSO, I’m going to meet her IRL, because I’m going to Newcastle and as we are both a bit football orientated (okay, I’m pretty much addicted to it), we will visit NUFC  (they better start winning fam) together and that will be absolute scenes. Mates. I’m pretty excited already; football, UK, friends, pies. Can’t go wrong there.

But the pièce de résistance is her blog. Probably one of the 10 blogs I followed first and have followed since. So her blog is a travelblog and may I add it’s in the top 150 travel blogs, so it’s not only me fanboying here. As a non-travel blogger I obviously look to it at a different perspective, but I think her way of writing and describing her travels are really engaging. She writes in a way that it’s both giving you loads of information, but also in a fun and witty way. It keeps it fresh and every sentence makes you want to read more, it never does bore me and that’s a real quality.

It’s a blog that is very unique and that’s so important in my opinion. Wanderness does tell a lot about the interests of Ness and that’s something what makes her blog stand out from others. I would 1000000% recommend you should read this blog and her blogposts. Also, if you are a lover of book (aren’t we all?!) you should definitely watch her bookchannel on youtube!

This is one of my favourite blogposts: http://www.wanderness.co.uk/2016/07/no-bullst-tips-for-surviving-long-haul.html

She’s going to Australia for one year and you can all read about that on her blog. Imagine that blog now, as good as it is already, and then when Australia comes along. Brilliant.

She is a real good friend and a fantastic, interesting and incredibly intelligent woman. So I hope you have a fantastic birthday and enjoy your day off! Give her the best wishes on all her social media:





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  1. augustus 15, 2016 / 7:04 am

    I'm not able to write a proper blog comment because MAN AM I EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW. FAM. You're killing me with the feels. What a birthday present! I feel so honoured!

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