Guys, you can be friends with women

*This is a photo of me standing on top of some mini mountain, looking at Marseille pretending to be in thought about something philosophical. Obviously I was thinking of all the food I was going to get later on*
Yes, you read that right. This is a blogpost about a stigma. A stigma that has to break in my opinion. ‘Men can’t be friends with women’. I think this is utter rubbish and this has frustrated me for quite some time now. Especially last week I got a lot of comments – negative ones – about my friendships with women. So get ready for some major brain dump lads and lassies.

To be honest mates, I’m a good friend to have. Well I think I am, but I always try to give my all for my friends and I will catch a bullet if needed. Period. Most of my real life friends are men and I got 2 female friends. I’ve also made a lot of friends online since starting blogging and most of them are female. I don’t care about the gender of my friends, because if you are a friend of mine, you deserve the friendship. You are of great worth to me.

But recently I’ve gotten a lot of comments on me being friends with girls/women,  most of those people are people I know IRL. It really bugs me and as this has been keeping coming, I wanted to talk about it for a second. How I feel about this idea of society that heterosexual men and women, can’t be friends with each other, without feeling the need of lust, sex and romance.

My opinion is from my point of view, I intent no harm at all but I wanted to illustrate how it looks from my point of view. It frustrated me a lot. Why can’t I be friends with women without people think ing something about it? The number I have received comments like ‘Oh you really like her don’t you?’ or ‘Get a grip man, she has a boyfriend’ or something like that. It’s so incredibly frustrating. Why has ‘friendship’ to do with a sense of same gender thing?

Friendship and love are both things from the hearth and from the soul. Things that can be found in both males and females. In my opinion this is true and it should not matter to have friends from both sexes in my opinion.

Guys, listen it’s perfectly fine to be friends with women without wanting a romance. It’s completely fine to spend your days talking to women and enjoying it. You don’t have to feel guilty because you care about a woman, without loving her romantically. I’ve met some great women on the internet for these past few months and I’m very proud to call them my friends. They are beautiful too yes, but the most important thing that they each are unique, talented, funny, kind, caring, witty and have a great personality. They do add to my life, just like my guy friends. They make my life complete when they touch my heart.

Sure, there are differences. We both view the world in another perception and we have different struggles at times. But that also gives a unique position. Sometimes talking about problems in another light, can help you so much. I’ve come to that conclusion. Sure I might be attracted to women, because of the way they look or their personality, but that doesn’t mean I want or have to make a move. It doesn’t mean I’m falling for that person. Sometimes being attracted and being kind, it’s just that and no more.

I’ve soulmates, buddies, pals, mates and they are women. You can be soulmates with something you don’t share a romantic relationship with. I think the society has laid this perception of marrying the other sex and only be friends with your own sex. It’s really ridiculous. I don’t care what people say. I’m friends with women and I bloody love it. I couldn’t honestly survive the way I feel without ALL my friends.

I won’t let people get me down because I’m not doing like society wants me to do. I won’t let people judge others because of that reason. I will keep on tweeting with all my friends, messaging with all my friends and give shoutouts to everyone I admire. I’m Marc and I’ve got male and female friends. I’m flipping proud to have you all!

Thank you for reading again guys, it means a lot. I don’t know if this post made sense, but I just had to let it all out, because I feel this is a stigma worth breaking.


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